Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspired by Mandy

This does not mark a resumption of service. I am too busy getting gloriously rich.

Mandelson.Some might regard him as a poisonous creep of the highest degree and one many would never like to have dinner with. I beg to differ, guv.
I’m glad Mandelson, Baron Mandelson, is back. He's quite adept at giving Americans a good tongue lashing.That's for sure. He was the victim of two of the most vicious media witch-hunts in recent political memory. For Mandelson to have been forced to resign twice as a result of accusations that were eventually shown to be groundless on both occasions, is something which should greatly concern anyone who claims to be an intimate of democratic politics. Yes he borrowed money from a ministor and kept it quiet, yes it was illegal, yes it was immoral, yes it was unnaceptable behaviour for a minister of the Crown.
Yes he lied.
But its ok.
My own tuppence-worth is that the ressurrection of this potent symbol of the Blair era will bring the masses flocking back to the essential sense and decency of NuLabour.
In other words, the Labour death march to oblivion is turning into a jog. Good job, Gord.
Mandy will play his part to perfection.