Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stan is back!

I've been away. I have my reasons. Doubtless my vast blogging talents have been sorely missed.
It started out as just a simple way to pass the time. I mean, everyone was doing it, right? You know....Facebook. Intending merely to test the waters, I was instead swept out to sea – up the Facebook creek without a paddle.You know like when you make your first priority to check your e-mail in the morning, just in case someone added you or messaged your Facebook account overnight.

I resisted the Facebook craze for a long time, primarily because I didn't need another electronic medium to remind me that nobody likes me. As it is, nobody AIMs me, all my best e-mail friends ever want to talk about is penis enlargement and Russian brides.
I've been invited on Facebook many times in the last couple of months (I'm not bragging, a demented clown could probably sign up and people would soon be leaving messages on his wall and joining his networks and tagging his photos). Intending merely to test the waters, I have instead been swept out to sea – up the Facebook creek without a paddle.
So get out there, poke some strangers.
Let’s face the facts here, people like to know that other people are thinking about them. The more people the better. What Facebook does is it allows you to broadcast yourself a lot easier and faster than any other website has in the past. What better way to wile the hours away (apart from porn)than to stick your nose into other people’s business without them really knowng you’re doing it. Relationships, friends, hobbies, purchases and moods… there’s little you can’t find out about someone on Facebook.
It is a stalker's dream.
Deep, deep down, maybe we're all big losers. Everyone who would rather post a message on someone's wall than actually look him or her in the eye and say hello is ultimately a useless individual. Everybody except me, though. I'm cool.
So if you’ll excuse me, I have a profile to update. ‘wonder if Ms. Babble has an account.
Tyler has.