Monday, September 03, 2007

An Honourable Member

It's a sad reality but men who troll for sex in public places, gay or "not gay," are, for the most part, upstanding citizens. In this regard, one might think of George Michael , LBJ aide Walter Jenkins, or global media mogul “Mighty” Dyckerson. There is, I have read, a delicate choreography involved in the men’s room “lewd conduct” tango. The various signals - the foot tapping, the hand waving and the body positioning - are all parts of a ritual of call and answer, an elaborate series of codes that require the proper response if things are to advance (if ya see what I mean). Put simply, a straight man would be left alone after that first tap or cough or look went unanswered.
Larry Craig will soon be an ex-U.S. Senator from Idaho. Larry is certainly a man with issues to resolve. He has faced rumors about his sexuality since the 1980s.In an interview on May 14 2007, Craig told the Idaho Statesman he'd never engaged in sex with a man or solicited sex with a man. Just a few short weeks later, Larry was arrested for being a homo bathroom cruiser trolling for action in the men's room of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. He was arrested for tapping his foot, moving his hands and spreading his feet while taking a poop. Throw the book at him!Like Craig said, he didn't do anything. It’s not like he was getting a BJ or something.
Craig resigned Saturday over the men's room sex sting.....but Larry Craig should not have resigned because he has sex with other men. He should have resigned because he has consistently championed against gay rights, while getting his freak on in men's room stalls.
What lies ahead for ole Larry?
Broadway musicals, porn, or membership of the Village People, perhaps? So then we'll have the cop, the indian chief, the construction worker, cowboy, the sailor, the biker, and yes folks THE SENATOR!!!!


Kitty said...

Why is it such a big deal that guys want to fuck each other in bathrooms? So what? Is it that big a deal?

If it was hot women who were at it, there would be purpose-built fuckin bathrooms in every single building in the world. With seating for all the men to sit and watch.

Little Lamb said...

Politicians are so corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Hes been foolish - but to be hung out to dry like he has been? Thats truely disgusting - I guess he is finding out that he has few friends and none in the Republicans at all...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'd feel sorry for him if it hadn't been for his illeberal remarks before all this - the hypocrisy of it. Rather like British politicians who preached "Victorian values"then indulged in exactly these by carrying on all over the shop.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I can't wait for Prince Charles to be exposed. That man is as gay as a french horn.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Kitty said it best!
LOL- Oh- that was good :)

Pud said...

Politicians are like religious leaders ~ Both tought the "holier than thou" all while having their hands dirty.

Newmania said...

Its easy to say you should practice what you preach but if you are not up to it ( in your own terms ) , should lead others down your road there isa sort of inverted morality about it .
Mathew Parris has an interesting article in the Wolfenden report coming close to admitting he disapproved of his own sexuality and saw the leaglising of it intially as anacceptance of no more than the fact he could not help himself.

Things can be complicated and I`m disposed to feel charitably towards this man

electro-kevin said...

I don't think you should ever pick up in a toilet - it just ain't romantic.

(Hi Stan, fancy seeing yew here !)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stan!! Sue here, I brought some extra cock over here in case you were all out but it would seem you have plenty here already.
Oh look, a c(ock) box!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hey Stan!! I tried to post here but I don't see my posting... did you delete me?? or did I fuck it up? or both.....

I thought you promised that George Michael wasn't gay.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I agree with your stance.

I think it wrong he viced such views in the first place, but they worse when he doesn't even live up to them himself.

electro-kevin said...

I think it's always a good assumption to make that a politician takes it up the botty.

Y' know what ? I ain't been disappointed yet. Most of them don't and those that do are just behaving true to type.

Churchill once said of one of his MPs caught bumming in a public park in the depths of winter "My God ! It's minus 10 out there..." he then smirked and added "...makes one proud to be British."

Sir James Robison said...

Now Stan, don't forget that I was in real trouble with the gay mafia over my comments and remember your last post before your hiatus?

Lord Nazh© said...

Stan: He may be retracting his resignation (he's got til the 30th before he leaves), he's going to fight the guilty plea.

Also, while I agree to most what you wrote, I don't agree that he should leave because he championed 'anti' gay proposals and may be gay himself. Him being gay or bi would not mean he had to fight for the gay agenda when his conscious and/or his constituents wanted him to fight the other way. After all, they are elected to do the will of the people, not the will of themselves.

Ellee Seymour said...

Hi Stan, now how would they deal with this in Turkey?

Stan!! said...

You ever thought of a career in politics? You'd go far with that tongue of yours...
You're so meek!!!!!
I sense the hand of the media...
Exactly. He has been denying his sexual orientation for nearly 30 years...and has a 100% anti-gay vote.
Mighty D,
I think not...I think you are confusing our future monarch with that Tony Blair fella.
It's hard for me to keep her in line, let me tell ya.
God bless your butt!
I'm disposed to feel charitably too.
I never use public cconveniences. I prefer to use the great, wide open to satisfy the call of nature.
From your latest posts, I detect that your interest in cock is not what it once was:-)
I only ever delete spam. I would never delete you. George Michael is not gay.
Thanks. It's the fact he has been denying and criticising gays for the last 25 years that bothers me.
Not in the Conservative Party. well, there was Ted Heath but he was the exception to the rule (in everything)
Sir James,
I remember your run-in with the gay mafia. Before my hiatus, I was arguing for the right of a democratically-elected politician to express an anti-gay position.
Lord Nazh,
Thanks for commenting.
Craig remains intent on clearing his name through the legal process in Minnesota and by having the Senate ethics committee address his claim that his misdemeanor conviction should not be a matter for action by the panel.Even if Craig were to complete his term, he said, the senator would not seek re-election in 2008.
Is there a gay lobby in Idaho I wonder?
'good to see you, my dear. I have no idea....but suspect that generally there would be no arrest. On the other hand, if the local media were to find out....all hell would break loose.

duckless said...

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