Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hating Hillary

Is there a more reviled public figure in America today than Hillary Rodham Clinton? Well, okay: OJ Simpson. But OJ isn't, as yet, running for political office. The problem now is that pundits are asking not if Hillary Clinton can win the Democratic Party nomination, but if she can be stopped. President W. Bush (remember him?) also thinks that Hilla will win the Democratic nomination and has even indicated in private that he believes she will succeed him in office. Frankly, I wouldn't piss on Hillary if she were on fire.

And I'll tell you why. Hillary personifies all that is politics. She lies, she misrepresents, she slings poop at her opponents, and she is very very expert at it. I hate her not because of her policies, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I hate her not because she knows how to play the game of politics, I respect anyone who can accomplish their goals.I hate her because she is so false, and mostly because dumb ass liberals buy into her ridiculous, superficial, insincere rhetoric. She knew about Bill's indiscretions, yet came on t.v., cried and claimed she didn't know. She stole property from the White House. As First Lady, she instituted a policy wherein people in the White House were not even allowed to look her in the face. Who the fuck does she think she is? As Senator, she voted FOR the war in Iraq. She now claims that if she had been president at the time then she would NOT have invaded Iraq.And another thing....Hilla the Hun is running perhaps the most media-controlled — and media-obsessed — campaign in presidential history. According to Politico, Clinton aides convinced GQ’s editors to spike an unflattering piece about the campaign’s inner workings by threatening the magazine’s access to the former president, who is the subject of a planned cover story.

Let me put it this way: if Hilary Clinton had a schlong and ran on the same proposed agenda that she is running for now I would imagine she/he would have a hard time getting one vote from the most liberal American. Hillary is. Horrible. On the other hand, it looks like anyone who has a chance of winning in 2008 is horrible on all the stuff that matters. America is well and truly fucked. Unless that is political maverick Mighty Q. Dyckerson can be persuaded to relaunch his flaccid campaign for the highest office of all.


Kitty said...

Dude. You are starting to sound like a woman-hater!

What's the deal pet? Rub my tummy and tell me your woes.

Stan!! said...

We could make beautiful music together. You could play my skin flute or even practice your dirty trombone technique....

Helen said...

She is a manipulator and a criminal, and most people know it. Her plan for health care? please. But Jackson's men put a well-qualified, but horribly under-experienced runner out there... of course she'll be in the lead, and at this point, the public is so sick of Republicans tromping on their rights, that of course they'll elect a figure head like Hillary. Meanwhile, this staunch whig will be stocking her arsenal and storing munitions.

electro-kevin said...

Hilary doesn't like the British either - so WE'RE fucked too !


Hillary was the brains behind Clinton, who only got in for his JFK qualities . Personally, I like her ( after her fashion makeover, of course) It's that Condaleeza Rice you people should worry about.HIllary is all ready slated to be first woman president of USA but the good news is , 4 yrs in office and she will look like Thatcher.
I just hope there will be another Clinton sex scandal but involving HER this time.
That mask makes Tony look REALLY hot!!!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

She is pretty loathsome, I'll admit.

I still don't think she can win.

It depends on who the Republicans put up, I think, but in fact I think the psephological dynamics of the US still favour the Republicans.

Can Hilary take Ohio?

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hillary has powerful friends and money to burn. Period.

And I do loathe the woman because of her socialist policies- her far left wing catering- her oppressive need to further burden the middle class with outrageous taxes- and she is ugly- with a skank-whore loving husband. (who- I actually can't blame for looking for love some place other than his wife)- AND for all the other reasons you listed.

And who says she doesn't have a schlong? I think Kevin had a picture of it over at his's pink and straps on!

sorry- I don't think I used my good southern manners in my reply to you this go round. Hopefully you will overlook it?


The HOR blogger said...

Would you rather have another round of bush brothers?

God why are we even talking about this so soon I'm sick of it already.

(no offense to your post)


CityUnslicker said...

Guliani will still win though.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Cityunslicker- Oh...I hope you are right!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Hillary is going down. Dyckerson has been fundraising and will soon have enough coin for a nationwide media blitz. My campaign ads will be airing 24/7 on Telemundo and the Playboy Channel. Victory will be mine!!

Stan!! said...

I agree that Clinton is going to secure her party's nomination. How can you be so sure the great people of the USofA really will go for Hilla? She is a master manipulator and a criminal as you say. You seem to have written off her likely opponent on the Republican side,Guliani...admittedly, he does have some pretty major flaws all of his own.

Nobody likes us.

Yep, Hilla was the driving force behind her "husband". Hilla has always seemed oddly assexual to me. Of course, with either one of the Clinton's there is always some potential for a financial scandal to emerge.

On the contrary, if Rudy Giuliani is her Republican opponent, as now seems increasingly likely, Clinton will be able to win quite comfortably. That's what the polls are saying in a fairly conclusive way. Of course, there is a long time until Novemeber 2008- a lot could change. There are already rumours as to Hilla having selected her vice-presidential nominee. As for Ohio, Helen would know better than I but her VP candidate is likely to be from Indiana, a neighbouring state to Ohio.

Stan!! said...

Hillary Clinton made a preposterous mess of health care reform a full decade ago. For her troubles, she was rewarded with seven more years as First Cheated-On Lady, followed by a Senate seat from the state of her choice. The rest of America has been rewarded by being saddled with a system considered in crisis a decade ago and steadily worsening ever since, with absolutely no meaningful attempts to address the myriad ways in which it is falling apart.
Woah, how did Kevin get that pic?

Stan!! said...

I heard that Jeb sucked. Just 14 months to go until his brother bites the dust.Then there's Neil Bush, the fourth child of George and Barbara, who is the black sheep of the Bush family, but his relatives have never let him down.
Whenever he's been mired in financial, legal or marital scandals, someone in the Bush family entourage has always reached out a helping hand and often that hand has slipped Neil a fat check.

We all hope so...but the omens are not good. Will the South go for Rudy?

Stan!! said...

Well, it's about time you got off your ass, reenergized your sagging campaign and defined the debate. I do believe Dyck can go all the way.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Stan honey...She can't be all bad if she straps on a cock, right?

The thing is she's had 8 years of running the States already, while hubby was off "Not having sexual intercourse" in the oval office.

I agree with some of your readers that Hilary will not get voted into the highest office this country has to offer, partly because she is a woman.

I just don't know if any candidate is of character and caliber to do what is right when the time comes to stand.

I'm tired of those movies where America saves the world from another imnpending danger and possible disaster, but if American finds itself in that roll...I will do my part to vote for the best man...or woman possible to do that job.

Stan fab post.

Hey btw...I'm not in the San Fernando Valley or in Texas, but San Fernando Valley isn't far away. Not alot goes on there, except maybe the making of porn movies. hehehe. Don't even say...that. Ha.

Ciao babes.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Stan...where's the band? Where's the beautiful music? I heard there were skin flutes and Tromboners and wanted to join in on the fun. Ha!


Lord Higham- Murray said...

There's something terribly wrong with this post, Stan. It doesn't go far enough. She's not called the Lizard Queen for nothing. Some people KNOW.

Norfolk Blogger said...

If hilary could do for the US economy what her husband did though would make a big difference to the world economy.

Stan!! said...

Do you want to audition? I have an opening...
Lord Higham,
There's lot wrong with this post.
Norfolk Blogger,
I take it you are a top UK political blogger like myself. No question Bubba oversaw a boom of the U.S. economy. He also left behind a a collapsed bubble stock market which would wipe-out $7 trillion of "paper wealth" of Americans....

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Two things, Stan. Firstly, I'm sending this post to the BlogpowerRoundup and secondly, there's something wrong with your header. The toilet part on the left works but then there's just a pink space on the right.

Stan!! said...

Believe me, there's nothing wrong with my header. The toilet part on the left plus the pink space on the right.Thtat's all there is in the grand scheme of things. Succint and memorable.But its only temporary.
Thank you for the BlogpowerRoundup nomination. 'appreciate it.

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