Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jihad: The Musical......Outrageous!

As if the Edinburgh Festival Fringe wasn't we have the Islam Festival Edinburgh running at Central Mosque Edinburgh from 1st to 31st August. This Islam Festival is part of something known as the Festival of Peace and Spirituality, run by the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association(and if they are not fully signed-up dhimmis I'll eat my sporan). An Islamic exhibition will also be held throughout the Festival Fringe.
Apparently, many Scottish Muslims are up in arms about the staging of a satirical musical about "Islamic extremists" at the (real)Edinburgh Fringe.The satirical show, Jihad the Musical, had its world premiere on Wednesday, August 1. Featuring songs such as 'I wanna be like Osama' , it tells the story of Afghan peasant Sayid who is entrapped and then "brainwashed" by "jihadis" seeking to blow up targets in the West. The British writer of the Lyrics, Zoe Samuel, has argued that the performance would appeal to the British tradition of laughing in the face of adversity.
Many Scottish Muslims, sensitive souls that they are, see the musical as upsetting as it makes fun of a serious problem.If they are fearful of this musical perhaps they should be given sensitivity training to help them combat their musicaliphobia....and why do they think punters at the Fringe will be remotely interested in an exhibition about Islam( especially in the wake of the June 30th terrorist attempt at Glasgow airport?)
Who has the greater right to be offended here?


verity said...

We laughed at the Kaiser, we laughed at Hitler, and then no serious political giggling targets for the next 60 years. Thankfully,we now have the islamics in all their many-faceted craziness. I hope there's a video of this show.

Comes the typical, hand-wringing muslim whine: "Many Scottish Muslims, sensitive souls that they are, see the musical as upsetting as it makes fun of a serious problem." Yes. The serious problem is islam, pure and simple. It has no place in the advanced West.

I have seriously proposed several times that islam be reclassified from a religion to a cult, which is what it is. A warrior, conquering cult led by one Mohammad who said he was getting his directions from god.

I am not saying it should be outlawed, as humans enjoy believing crazy things, but it should be removed from the level of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism and demoted to the level of Scientology. I have long said that Mohammad was the L Ron Hubbard of his day.

istanbultory said...

We seem to be of one mind on this issue. Western appeasement of their Muslim communities has exacerbated the problem.
Moreover, all attempts of interfaith dialogue in the West are based on a hopeless naivete.
It's time for people in the West to realise that the Quoran contains over 100 verses dealing with violence against infidels. It exhorts good Muslims to exterminate the Jews before the "end of days." In much of the Islamic world, women are stoned to death and undergo clitorectomies. Gays are executed under the approving eyes of the proponents of Shariah.Islamism spells the death of liberal values.

BTW, thanks to Youtube, the joy of "I wanna be like Osama" is just a click away:
IMHO,It's rather good.

Anonymous said...

draft Verity for 2008 presidential election!

Newmania said...

Super stuff IT. I have been to the festival a few times, I know its the repository of every PC folly invented but its still fun. Don’t you miss British cultural life ? I would . You seem a rounded person and I can imagine you would love the energy of it .I could never live abroad , we have discussed it but I`m just too English, I would like to be more like Verity in a way but its not in me

Newmania said...

I`d vote for Verity....

verity said...

Thanks for the link, IT. I'll post when I've seen it.

Meanwhile, I see the jihadi fool for allah who self-basted in his Cherokee Jeep finally made it up to "paradise". Thanks for the entertainment and all the good times, pal! John Smeaton will be dancing on your grave, as he didn't seem to like you.

Now he's died an excruciating death, this moron can sit around drinking cheap wine and screwing "virgins". He could have been doing this for the last five years in Glasgow without the formality of a death certificate.

istanbultory said...

Kafeel Ahmed has, indeed, kicked the bucket. The nation mourns...I suspect his particular coterie of 72 virgins could be in for a disappointment- I doubt if there's much left of the fella.
John Smeaton, fine chap. We need more like him and less of the "Edinburgh Inter Faith Association".
Newmania, I am intensely sad to be away from Blighty. But dammit, I am just making too much money here. I have put my Top 10 blogs up at the appropriate blog chez Iain Dale. You are there, Sir.

Newmania said...

I am just making too much money here

Not a problem i have to wrestle with much

verity said...

Stamboul Tory, I am not sad to be away from Blighty.

I had been away for years. I returned when my Mother died, and I tried to settle in. But,living there on a day-to-basis (rather than brief visits home)revealed that the civil society I remembered had gone. There was a brutal selfishness about people, a hard-edged rudeness and at the same time, an indifference. And there was a palpable sense of anger. I didn't know what they were angry about, but they were edgy.

I mentioned this to a colleague who had never lived outside Britain and she hadn't noticed the change, as one doesn't on a day to day basis, but said she had a pair of friends who had just returned to live in Britain after 15 years in Oz, and they had made the same observations to her.

When I quit my job, saying I was moving back abroad, she said her friends had just made the same decision,and, like me, had put their house on the market and were preparing to make the long, long move back to Oz.

Even apart from the deterioration of British manners and a generally helpful attitude (and I would concur that a lot of this has come about because they have had primitive immigrants they don't want in their country imposed on them and they are not allowed to complain due to - inexplicably- "racism". Murderous parasites are gobbling up your country and you are castigated for wanting to defend your homeland. Grotesque.

In Britain, the one-worlders are in charge and I do not see that you are ever going to escape them, because they've rigged the laws for everything to be laid at the door of the indigenes, who they have madeinto drones to support the invaders.

The first time I saw a photograph of Tony Blair I saw sheer, roiling evil. Same with the manatee.

istanbultory said...

Agreed, there is mucho to be angry about. Yes, collectively and individually, the English are angry about something.The country is plagued by near epidemic binge drinking, the active hatred of intelligence & responsible behaviour, a vast number of ignorant uneducated adults living off the public purse, a tidal wave of petty crime,chronic misbehaviour in schools, braindead political correctness/crackpot environmentalism as a substitute for organised religion, enslaving television and trash tabloids. And then there's the Scottish raj.
It's not surprising that the place has record emigration levels. And yet I still regard the place as home. It still beats living in the Third World.

verity said...

They're vicious. You only have to read the comments on The Daily Mail whenever they publish something about the disappearance, or a possible sighting, of little Madeleine.

At least half the comments are so vicious they're surreal. The McCanns are advised by Linda of Scarborough and many, many of her ilk, to "move on". Their little girls was kidnapped three months ago,they should be over it by now. And people saying they want to see an accounting of the fund that's been raised (privately), to make sure the McCanns aren't filtering off money into their own pockets. (As it's not a public fund, it's not their bloody business, even if it were likely, which it's not.)

Others racing in to throw some vitriol saying they why haven't the Social Services got involved in prosecuting the McCanns.

The McCanns are intelligent and accomplished and they had the drive to organise this hunt for their child, and if there's anything today's Brit hates,its intelligence and accomplishment - oh, and the determination to stick with a project and see it through.

They make me sick and I'm glad I don't live there.

I'm just back from picking up my new FM3 (permission to stay), which we are required to renew every year. The Mexicans are fussy about who they let in and who they let stay. They have control of their borders.

istanbultory said...

Alas.... So many in Blighty seem to have gone completely bovine.
The Turks are also remarkably restrictive on the granting of residence and work rights to foreigners. They also do a fair bit of deporting undesirables...

verity said...

Actually, why shouldn't the Turks be restrictive about who they allow to live in their country? Everyone else is. The only open door in the world, that I know of,is Britain, thanks to evil one-worlder Tony Shithead and the Manatee.

As Jimmuh and Bill are in the same part of the world on similar missions, or something, wannabee actor Blair will soon be talkin' with a good ole boy suthen accent.

Oh, gosh, I hope nothing awful happens to this charming man. Have you seen his man boobs, BTW?

verity said...

I wanna be like Osama is really good! The singer's great!

Newmania said...

I don`t know Verity , I sometimes despair but last night as I trudged be-suited , back from the station a couple of Policemen went past on their new bikes. They were not looking all that steady and I couldn`t help smiling . There passed between us a friedly good evening and suddenly the old English ways were there. Good humour , unspoken rules the comfortable civilty of the majority.

We are still the same people at heart and not every chnage has been for the worse.

verity said...

That's very heartening, Newmania. But it's still a Godawful mess,which the British allowed to happen. That's the part to remember: it's not the foul Blairs and the Camerons; it's that the British accepted them. They were supine in the face of socialist bullying - and they still are. Look at Dave. Not just supine,but he has adopted protective colouration. What a leader, eh?

Anonymous said...

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