Sunday, August 05, 2007

Disentangling men and women

I am not remotely keen on the idea…. but there does seem to be something of a world-wide debate on the benefits of having women-only spaces as a means of dealing with sexual harrassment.
There are plenty of places- hotels, trains, beaches, swimming pools- in plenty of countries which are now women-only. The male of the species is verboten. Are segregated spaces the way forward? Is this what we have come to? Can this really be "progress"? It all sounds a bit Saudi Arabian to me….and yet another issue where the global Left seem to be of a similar view to the Mohammedans.


electro-kevin said...

The first woman only place should be the kitchen.

Hi IT.

verity said...

That dates you, Kevin. The only men who make silly patronising "jokes" like that are in - I'm guessing - their sixties. Got any good ones about Southern black gentlemen and woodpiles?

Re the post. when there was an outbreak of rapes when Golda Meir was the President of Israel, a newspaper reporter, thinking of unaccompanied women walking around at night, asked the President if she had considered a curfew. And Mrs Meir said, yes, she had and was thinking of ordering young men to be in their homes by 9.

You don't segregate the victims. You segregate the perpetrators, although this is out of fashion in Britain now, with all prisons being de facto open prisons.

What next? Order elderly folk to stay in their homes so they won't get hurt by the drunken oiks? Only allow untamed little shits in the classrooms while little girls stay locked up at home?

BTW, I want to take advantage of Stamboul Tory's hospitality, if that is OK, to point out that Dave Oneworlder has recently said, "There is no longer domestic news and foreign news." Awwwww! Isn't that lovely?

Jenny! said...

That is bullshit! I am sick of woman playing the "victim card" any chance they get. YOu will NEVER find me in a woman's only section...I would rather be with the men taht dont bitch and moan about being harassed! Woman need to fucking stand up for themselves instead of further segregating themselves. If woman really want to be "equal" to men...we need ot get rid of feminism, and just fucking stand up for ouselves in situations instead of playing the poor pathetic victims all the time! Fucking embarrasing! How can woman expect to be taken seriously when we fucking cry about everything being so fucking unfair...fuck that! Woman need to grab their fucking balls and just deal with it. Sorry to rant!

Verity said...

Both writer Jessica Valenti and poster Jenny have points.

Why should we, 51% of the human race, taxpayers, homeowners, parents, shareholders, etc, need to be segregated because of some stupid men fantasists who cannot control themselves ("she's really flattered" by my assault")and think they can bully women and ... here is the unbelievable bit ... women will become complicit in their offence by keeping quiet?

If you are going to segregate anyone, segregate the men who cannot behave themselves in public. This would mean, let us say, buttons in carriages to press when a woman has been slyly asaulted that release a foghorn.

That would be entertaining for one and all, and people could brighten their journey by looking around to see which moron had been unable to contain his hands. The woman who jabbed the button could point and say, "It was him!" to general laughter. A few of these incidents and sleazy men preying on women in public spaces would find themselves deflated, poor dears.

I think drawing attention to the perpetrator would give everyone a good laugh on their way to work - or way home - and if the woman had her camera or mobile phone with her, a snap may be taken as a memento of the occasion and posted somewhere on the premises.

These men are nasty bullies and intend to intimidate. Actually, once an alarm went off, it would be fun if every woman snapped the perp on her mobile and these pictures could be blown up into collages to decorate stations.

This would solve the problem. Nothing as deflating as a roar of innocent merriment.

If they want to solve this problem, and it is indeed a problem worldwide, get the perpetrators, not the victims. Women will support one another; have no fear.

Newmania said...

Golda Meir was the President of Israel

She once said " Every civilisation has to negotiate with its values " before she depatched assasins to kill the Munich bombers . Fine woman.
You do seem to be somewhat under the impression that all men are rapists waiting their moment verity
I `m not convinced that things are so bad that all this panic is warranted.
Two of my female cousins were very keen at Ladies crcket ,one of them played for Herts Ladies in the end . Any way they were coming back from practise one evening when someone exposed himself to them through the Park railings .
He had reckoned with out the cat like reflexes and easy wrist action of one of them who swung her bat so quickly she caught his fleeing foreskin against said railings .

You could hear him screaming for miles I`m told

verity said...

"You do seem to be somewhat under the impression that all men are rapists waiting their moment verity"

Could you explain this statement, Newmania? I was under the impression that we were discussing the worldwise problem of perverts assaulting women - usually by rubbing up against them, or explosing themselves - on public transport. I don't see where rape was mentioned at all. We were discussing mail assaults on women on public transport, which is why I addressed the issue rather than,say, TV viewing habits anibg teebagers in Ulan Bator.

Women do not misbehave and should therefore not be segregated. You lock up the perp, not the victim.

verity said...

Sorry about the gnomic quality of some of the typing above. I'm just up and was having my first cup of tea.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I like touching up women on trains...its the only chance I get, and the only reason to use the tube!!

tfhkrv said...

Yes, but you're just a dog.

CityUnslicker said...

I like IT's point about lefties and muslims. The modern world does seem to like the idea of segragatin just as much as the odl world. instead of slaves though we are instead subjagated by race and gender.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Note you now have Girl Scouts, but no Boy Guides.

verity said...

CU - The modern world doesn't like the idea of segegation at all. Where did you come by this notion?

There aren't many women posting here, but whoever is tuned in will agree that some weak men seem to think they have domain over all women. This is a big error and often gets their heads blown off, which is OK.

The old saying goes that God made women and men, but Sam Colt made them equal. This is an excellent saying. Britain needs to get a law allowing the citizenry to keep and bear arms. Then, I guarantee you, a lot of these problems dry up like the dew. Trust me, no one gropes a woman on public transport in Texas.


verity said...

CU writes: "The modern world does seem to like the idea of segragatin just as much as the odl world."

Which old world would that be,CU? Medieval Britain? No .... don't think so. Roman Britain? No-o-o-o-o, don't think so. OK, Ancient Rome? ..... Uh .... Greece? No, the two sexes mixed around normally.... So what is this old world that likes segregation CU? Ancient Egypt? N-o-o-o-o .... The Hindus? Uh ....

What are you talking about?

istanbultory said...

Mutley, of course, has a way with the ladies....
Verity, I am all in favour of liberalised weapons laws. Gun ownership is a pretty easy affair in Turkey. People are careful, very careful, in how they relate to unknown people...
I think CU was referring to the way in which the evils of political correctness are setting up new categories of "insider" and "outsiders", "exploiter" and "exploited" just like the old dogma of class did.
By jove, you're right, Verity. I don't get many women visitors to these parts whereas Mr Newmania and Crushed by Ingsoc (lucky things) are inundated with them.

Newmania said...

Could you explain this statement, Newmania?

Well yes , the same idea that a man`s libido is inherently out of control has been used by wimmin`s groups to seperate men from children for example , to the point that they dare not teach.( Still less touch) There are no doubt some badly behaved men but wouldn`t it still be better if we all just rubbed along together.


IT I have not ever been inundated by women but I feel confident that verity is will be won over by my winning " Rub along together gag"

*Beams awaiting pat on head*

Kizzie said...

This is not the only way to deal with sexual harrassment. Are we going to solve problems by staying away from males? In my part of the world, we have campaigns and events where we encourage men to fight sexual harrasment with us. If we educate and raise awareness about it then mabye we can stop it. There is some progress here~