Monday, July 16, 2007

Kicking the buggers out...

Nearly 100 MPs (mostly Labourites) are backing a call for up to 500,000 illegal immigrants to be given the right to stay in Britain. The call for an amnesty is being led by the Institute of Public Policy Research. They reckon that an amnesty would bring in up to £1 billion in extra tax revenue.
An amnesty would only be worth doing if it solved the problem. But an amnesty will achieve nothing because the group of “amnestied” illegal immigrants would simply be replaced by another group. Italy has had five amnesties in the last 20 years and Spain has had six. Each time, there have been surges in more illegal immigrants - now having reached 700,000 in Spain's case. It's worked to attract people to those countries
However, the major risk for successive governments (like the rest of us) is that even to raise the issue of immigration & asylum is to run the risk of being unfairly branded a "racist". The "race industry", justifiably, wrings its collective hands about the damage done to the indigenous cultures of the Maori, Australian aborigine, native americans etc.
Is UK/Western culture any less valid?And why aren’t we doing more to protect it?It's not a question of 'the economy' - its a question of social cohesion, the survival of our culture, history, identity, - our right to be ourselves, think the way we want to in our own country. Nothing more, nothing less....


Newmania said...

I think you have knocked that coconut off its stick in one IT . Quite,they would be replaced as they have been elsewhere.

Good short jab to the solar Plexus type of post

verity said...

The one-worlders are winning; as is the destructive left. Britain doesn't have anyone strong,intelligent and patriotic at the helm and, on the current evidence, will not have in the foreseeable future.

Cameron needs to be given the order of the unceremonious boot. He's one of them. (The only good thing one can say about Cameron is, he has single-handedly ended Britain's love affair with OEs.) Until Britain gets a strong, patriotic, bold leader, Britain will continue its way down the tubes to the sewer. Frankly, I don't see it happening. All the grievance industries would unite against any such foray.

Advocate shovelling out illegal "immigrants" and "asylum seekers" and the racist industry will plough in. Advocate closing immigration for further moslems and forbidding the opening of further mosques, the religious grievance industry will kick in.

Advocate not giving free living accommodation to "single mothers" and the social services grievance industry will kick in. (Why can't these single girls who churn out babies live with their mothers, as mothers of illigetimate children did for centuries?) Advocate a strong military for Britain and the pacifism industry will kick in.

On the national scene, only William Hague and David Davis are strong enough to brush this garbage off, but the average Brit won't vote for them because they'd rather be bullied and bossed around the by grievance industries.

I am sincerely baffled that there are any indigenous British conservatives still living in Britain.

Newmania said...

indigenous British conservatives still living in Britain.

There are still spots where nothing much has changed verity and you underestimate Cameron.

verity said...

Newmania - I know you're a fan of Cameron, but I am going on the evidence of my eyes and ears. The man has blundered around making serious mistakes, to which he is unable to admit, spouts streams of socialist drivel, believes in "man made global warming" and thought people would admire him for putting a little wind turbine on his roof, environmentalism, etc etc.

Never a word about real problems.

And even were I neutral - the fact that he led a standing ovation on the Tory benches for the greatest destroyer of Britain, the British constitution and Parliament and Britishness itself in hundreds of years would be enough. Jolly boating weather, what? I say, chaps, hip, hip ...!

Barf. I am baffled that you cannot see through him. He is as transparent as Tony Blair.