Thursday, July 12, 2007

It’s an empire...

As Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern rightly pointed out at the end of June, the new European Union treaty contains 90 percent of the policies, goals and ideals of the EU constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005. This is the same treaty that Blair said was "good for the UK". Blair, of course, proudly surrendered Britain's right to veto EU decisions in more than 40 other areas of policy including energy, tourism, space policy, transport, civil protection and migration as part of the treaty negotiations.
It’s long been clear that the objective of the European Union is to establish itself as the new Roman Empire. Now it’s official.
European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso has suggested the EU is the first "non-imperial empire". Barroso also said "We are a very special construction unique in the history of mankind,". Unique is hardly the word.....


Ellee said...

At least the Poles had the courage to challenge it, they may well do so again.

Verity said...

Yes, unique in history all right. Even Hitler didn't think this one up.

On the other hand, not so unique, given that the USSR got there first.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Interesting idea, a non imperial empire.
I suppose it taps into that Carolingian dream that underpins the Franco-German axis.

It is interesting how Irish opinion is fast moving to a Eurosceptic position.
That Federation of the British Isles outside the EU starts to look more and more viable.

Jenny! said...

I would like to join your political discussion, however; I have no idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

verity said...

Don't thank me, Jenny! as I won't be stopping by. You sound like a vapid drag.

CityUnslicker said...

A bizarre week, all this is in our apapers every day; and the chance of a referndum recedes in the opposite direction.


Newmania said...

Verity ....come come Jenny has other interests.
Anyway IT I have been sprinting ahead from a standing start on the EU peril. can I recommend you look at the work of Lindsay Jenkins the Investigative Jounalist. I have just read her book disappearing Britain and it gives you a clear picture of what is happening.

I can hardly believe whats happening to the country, I was telling someone on dake my views as they curently are.
Sadly he scurried away but it is on the Churchill thread.

Verity Hitler did think this one up as did the Kaiser , Napoleon and Phillip of Spain

Newmania said...

This was it ...bit of a lunchitme rant really

You trying to get “Close and personal “.... “ David “..... Newmania will do fine .

Your question asking "why it is you hate this country so much as to wish for it to cease to exist" is based on a fundamental mistake which I believe you make deliberately and maliciously. I hold no such views.

Then why do you wish to hand its rule over to unelected bureaucrats whose often stated objective is a United States of Europe. With it they intend to challenge American dominance,impose socialism and a European social model requiring a loss of Liberty, high taxes , protectionism and reducing nations to regions especially this one . Quite aside from the waste and necessary unaccountability of a democratic unit where there is no demos . £5000 per household just so Milliband can waffle on about the climate with the Germans !! Good deal . Why is the EU element in our laws consistently hidden and why is Gordon Brown lying about the nature of the Constitution when the rest of Europe knows the red lines are worthless? How can all this proceed when a clear majority does not want it detesting as they do the imposition of alien legal systems overriding our Common law and Parliament .

However, Lord Maugham (then Lord Chancellor) wrote in early 1944 a defence of Munich which is worth reading ("The Truth about the Munich Crisis"). Essentially Maugham tries to etc.

He will naturally have tried to save his reputation , which , with other other appeasers of Hitler will be forever as a coward and more particularly a fool. “Because Hitler repudiated an agreement he never intended to keep.”..... of course !!!!

What Maugham reveals is that Chamberlain's approach was based on pessimism about the chances of Britain obtaining international allies.

I see , ( I think) you mean because we are always going to be isolated in Europe we would rather not be in it .Esoteric to the point of irrelevance . That does not approximate even remotely to the attitude of Euro sceptics who wish this country to rule itself and do not accept that pooling sovereignty is compatible with a nation state . Not a problem for Germans of course who for most of their history have been federated regions under an empire and have no democratic tradition or much to be proud of.
The Pro Europe position is pessimistic in that it imagines tossed on the cruel seas of free world trade we will be “unable to go it alone”. This in fact was why Conservatives voted for the EU in the first place the Common Market as it was misleadingly called. In fact we could easily join the trade group with Norway ..or not . In any case the importance of Europe in world terms recedes daily. I would accept however that the only reason there is any support for the project is the sense that we are blackmailed by the prospect of fortress Europe. It is the single and only reason for having anything to do with them except as a holiday destination. Or perhaps you feel that that a Lithuanian should have as much say in the rule of London as I do ? Theres not much in it . We live in the Region of London

Also to be noted is Maugham's belief that it was better for Czechoslovakia to be dismembered than for the Czechs to suffer damage to their economy, which chimes with the commonly expressed but mistaken Eurosceptic
belief that European union should only be about economic matters and trade and not about political unity.

Damage to their economy ? Their economy ?!!!! This was after the Anshluss and justified by the German ethnic population of Sudetan land . Incidentally you might want to wonder the Poles are not quite as keen as the Germans on regional self
Determination for diverse ethnicities as the Germans ? This is absurdly anachronistic. The economy was hardly the point in what was actually the continuation of the Great war by temporarily other means. It is the EU who wish to dismemeber nations states by dealing bi-laterally with regions and offering grants at “Borders “ so as to destabilise them.
It is , as I have said , a damn good job we were not , at that time reduced to the level of a quizzling set of Brussels dependencies because had we been the Wermacht would not have been stopped.

If there is one lesson of this period it is the essential value of the nation state . Its value is that it is a modern approximation to the tribal homeland and an extended cultural family.
It is required for Liberal Democracy and defence because noone will either fight for or pool resources with , or compromise with strangers .The notion of Britain is now so attenuated that it is increasingly difficult to pool resources hence the bitterness common against immigrants and the Barnett formula.
Your narrative is like a game of twister . It might be fun but it looks ridiculous.

verity said...

The sooner we beg on bended knee to be accepted as a state in the United States, the better. People who only observe the US from the outside have absolutely no idea of the freedom the average citizen enjoys (and defends with admirable vigour that you would never see in Britain).

We either join the US (we could keep our royalty; Hawaii did) or we come up with a way of formally binding the Anglosphere together pdq. Read Jim Bennett on the blog Albion's Seedlings.

The Anglosphere would comprise the United States, Canada, Britain, India, Australia, New Zealand,Singapore,Kenya and some other places I can't think of at the moment. And I mean FORMAL. Not a loose confederation. Bound together legally.

When that's all in place, we bomb Brussels. What are they going to do about it? Oh, boo hoo!

Newmania said...

Apart from the last bit can`t see much wrong with that

verity said...

I can concede the last bit of your post, Newmania, although I think it's a bit fussy.

I would go more for underground tunnels to wreck the edifice of the EUSSR and leave the innocent burghers of Brussels alone so they could continue to aim their cars at pedestrians on pedestrian crossing and eating vast bowls of moules in sickening soup and vast amounts of chocolates and pastries. These are not thin people, but I agree. The EUSSR is the culprit. The Belges themselves have always been like that.

verity said...

Anyway, it's irrelevant, because we have to get out of the EUSSR either by becoming a state of the United States, or by the FORMAL formation of The Anglosphere. All the peoples of the world under Anglo-Saxon Common Law.

Both options are good. But Britain must escape from the EUSSR or we will die, as will our 2,000 years of history, as a nation. History of the great nations is being obliterated by the socialists. "Peace basket"- weaving" is in.

Anonymous said...

seriously, where is the problem? of cause the eu is a non-imperial empire. if a member state does not like it any more, they can leave the union without any problem. verity, you should read a book once in a while. compairing UDSSR with the EU is the dumbest comparison ever: communism vs democracy, planned economy vs market economy, socialism vs liberalism and conservatism. get a school education verity you clown

verity said...

Anonymous 8:36 - Listen carefully as I will explain this only once:

The people by and large want out of the EUSSR. The leaders, to a man, want to stay in, and that includes Cameron. Therefore leaving is not going to be on the agenda.

Have I explained this simply enough? I realise 'carefully' and 'agenda' have three syllables, but I tried to use easy words.

Anonymous said...

that is simple enough for yourself understanding it. beside reading a book, i need to give you a second advice: try to learn the english grammar: "people by and large" makes no sense, so does "the leaders, to a man, .." also makes no sense. two sentences with two massive grammar mistakes, great success verity. i don't need to mention the content of your posts, everyone with little political and historical knowledge (and that will be much more knowledge than you have) knows that you don't have any clue. so go on with your EUSSR,

Anonymous said...

Don't wait! Vote YES now to Free Europe Constitution at

Anonymous said...

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