Saturday, July 28, 2007

Condi gets it badly wrong....

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (pictured here with another prime chump) has apparently flipped and done a Tony Blair.
To my horror, it seems as if Condi has become a fully-fledged dhimwit (i.e.-A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility or guile. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity) (Source)

Speaking to the the US-funded Al-Hurra satellite channel on Thursday, Condi said that Islam was "a great faith and a peaceful faith".
No, Condi. Islam is not always a religion of peace.Is Condi not aware that in Egypt, Christians are treated as second-class citizens? Believers are frequently attacked byIslamic zealots. There are reports of Christian females being raped and made to marry Muslims. The Coptic Church, the largest body of believers in the Middle East, is persecuted continually. Some Coptics have been put in prison for "inciting intercommuncal strife." In the Al-Hurra interview, Condi also declared that "Islam is a very fast-growing religion in the United States", and characterised Muslims as a well-integrated part of American society. Clearly, Condi is not very well informed on these issues....
Has Condiforgotten what so many others have not ...........
And particularly if you are British, go take a look here.


verity said...

Although I am full of admiration for Condoleezza Rice's achievements - a national champion ice-skater, a concert-level pianist - both disciplines requiring long hours of lonely, iron-willed practice - and Dean of Stanford, among others, I have always been wary of her politics.

Her PhD mentor in international politics at Stanford was Madeleine Albright's father and I'm sure the drip, drip, drip of one-worlderism was infused with every lecture and every private consultation.

I assumed that Mr Bush made the appointment to shut the left up about women and blacks - and there is no question that she is a formidable speaker - but she always worried me.

Muslims are not well-integrated in the United States. Ask the people in Dearborne,Michigan who have to endure electronically broadcast calls to prayer five times a day. Wherever muslims go, they are trouble-makers.

Stamboul Tory, you might be interested in going over to - a high octane blog that attracts a good commentariat (well, as one of their group bloggers, I would say that, wouldn't I?) and at the moment we've got a couple of threads running on Islam. Your contributions, as someone who lives in a country with a high percentage of islamics, would be read with interest.

There is a frightening level of naiveté about islam - as there is in Britain. In Britain, the misapprehensions are hammered into the population by the manipulative, one-worlder government, but in the US, they are so hail-fellow-well-met that they truly do believe the best of everyone until proved otherwise.

I am certain we would enjoy reading posts from you on the subject!

Verity said...

Who is that offensive creep in the background, touching Rice patronisingly? Does he think she can't stand up without his help. If it were me, I'd have driven a sharp elbow into his solar plexus.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I must admit, I can't see anything in the Koran that suggests a religion of violence any more than in our scrpitures (some of the OT massacres make uncomfortable reading)

The history of Moorish Spain and early muslim history suggests that it IS possible to practice Islam in a very different way to the way it is currently practised by some groups.

I must admit to having a quiet admiration for Ms Rice, but then again, I actually find her very beautiful too.

verity said...

No one said the American Secretary of State is not attractive. She's chic and has a finely chiselled face and is a quick thinker.

What is your point? The problem is, islam is a conquereing religion. They believe that everyone on earth was born islamic and at some point fell away, making the vast majority of the population of the globe "apostates". Outlaws who have to be called to account or put to death.

istanbultory said...

Ing soc,
'good to see you in these parts, old chap.
But I think Verity has identified the essential problem with Islam. The Quran says:

"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth [i.e. Islam] (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" (9:29).

Through the above revelation, Allah has made it an obligation for Muslim leaders to fight non-Muslims until they acknowledge Islam and to agree to pay higher taxes with willing submission (to Islam) and feel themselves subdued (dhimmitude is the other name of "subduedness").
In light of the Quaranic stipulation above, one must wonder: how can people, having even a modicum of common sense, ever claim that Islam promotes tolerance or peace?

verity said...

The dhimmitude also involves giving way to a muslim in a queue. How many times I have gone through a queue backwards in an Arab country! They assume that you are an inferior person with no rights. Also, the women will show their disapproval of you by sharply elbowing you in the street, a custom I heartily recommend adopting towards niqab-clad islamic women in the West.

Also, this crapola about four wives is against those women's human rights. And they use women as beasts of burden if there's no camel handy. I've often seen them, ambulatory black bin liners, coming out of the supermarket absoltely laden down with heavy bags, while daddy and a son strut on jauntily ahead wearing tennis shorts and Lacosta sports shirts - the dernier cri in stylish modernity.

Then there's taqqya and kitman - institionalised lying against the kaffir. And I don't think we can dismiss the kidnappings and beheadings of our citizens. This is one perverted belief system.

Condoleezza Rice has to remember just one thing as she talks with them - they're lying.

Newmania said...

Also, this crapola about four wives is against those women's human rights.

You see thats the bit I rather like.Who would not want to be married to four Veritys ?

CityUnslicker said...

How is one to follow that Newmania?

Newmania said...

IT- There is anintresting article in Propsect this konth abou the miliatary issuing warnings in their web site ? Is this another thing that makes you go coup ?

Lord Nazh© said...

"I must admit, I can't see anything in the Koran that suggests a religion of violence any more than in our scrpitures (some of the OT massacres make uncomfortable reading)"

There is plenty of past violence in all religions, there is PRESENT violence called for in Islam.

verity said...

islam is all about violence and subjugation. End of story. Either convert to islam, or be a member of the dhimmitude,submissive to islamics. Dhimmitude entails paying a special tax, stepping off the pavement when an islamic goes by, forfeiting one's place in a queue, etc. These people are all about control.

Newmania said...

I think you are right Verity and what worries me more is that it just doesn`t seem to fit any of the paradigms by which we have dealt with disagreement in the past. They make the IRA look sane. They would attack what they saw as poltical targets but they would not detonate a dirty bomb across the UK.

I cannot even grant this exceedingly faint praise to these Loons .

verity said...

Islamics ought to be shovelled out of the UK, except those allowed to remain by special permission. They have no place in the enlightened West and our enlightened attitudes constantly infuriate them. If they don't like it,they should go, and lower their blood pressure.

As a whole, they bring nothing to our society and in the main, they're passengers. Why pay for passengers who want to blow the train up?

Why are we paying for their thousands of children born with recessive birth defects due to generations of incestuous first cousin marriages? Could someone explain to me how this is to our advantage?

Could someone write an essay, please, please on how we have benefitted from letting these hostile, primitive parasites in and giving them rights - in many instance over those of the indigenous people whose country this is?

verity said...

Don't forget, in an opinion poll around a year ago, 47% of islamics said they "could understand" the London Transport bombings. And that's just the ones who couldn't think quickly enough to choose the "Don't know" option.

Nihat said...

Okay. Understood now beyond doubt. You guys (the West) have lost control over human rightism (for lack of a better term), a renegade offsprint of Western thought and ideology, that you feel has come back to bite you in the ass. How about this then?

Like some European countries did (e.g., Belgium declaring jurisdiction over abuses that offend them in some or any way), Turkey declares jurisdiction similarly, and sets out to try and punish any and all abuses of Islam, you back this up in the UN and stuff, extradite the hate cultists (like those depicted in IT's video link) to Turkey, and we, without fear of being politically incorrect, try and lock them up for life in island prisons. And all this, not because Turkey might have such a legal claim because she was the last home of the Khalifate, but out of sheer conviction, and because these bastards are offensive to us, too, as well as tarnishing our good name by way of Moslem association.

You will then be offending some sheikh-kings of your own making, but oh well, the world is not perfect.

Newmania said...

Don't forget, in an opinion poll around a year ago, 47% of islamics

and the rest refused to belive they had anyhthing to do with it

verity said...

Newmania - it just doesn`t seem to fit any of the paradigms by which we have dealt with disagreement in the past. They make the IRA look sane.

1. This isn't a "disagreement". It is an invasion and an attempt to impose primitive laws of the desert on the host society.

2. The IRA thought it had a real gripe. I don't know enough about it because I cannot stand Irish accents so never listened to any of it. But they seemed to feel they had a grievance in their own territory that they, the indgenes, have occupied for tens of thousands of years.

This doesn't compare to an advance army of alien "settlers" arriving to plan for a conquest.

Blair is a deeply stupid man, but he knows that much. So does the manatee.

Ellis Goldberg said...

A Nov. 15 2007 AP story indicates Chevron was fined $30M by the SEC for bribing Saddams’s thugs in the “oil for food” deal and that Chevron may face tax evasion charges later. The bribes were in the millions so someone pretty high up at Chevron had to sign off on the payments. Unfortunately the AP story did not mention Dr. Condoleezza Rice the Chevron board member and the chairman of the “Public Policy Committee” which is responsible for making sure this kind of activity does not happen.

The Chevron website says the committee’s purposes include “identifying, evaluating and monitoring social, political and environmental trends, issues and concerns”, “analyzing how public policy trends could impact business activities and performance". Dr. Rice never discussed the Iraqi bribes on the record (not in the minutes) at company meetings. That should not surprise anyone who is familiar with her lack of response to 911 warnings.

President Clinton put sanctions on Iraq. Actions by Chevron and Rice clearly violated those sanctions and amount to treason. I urge our new Attorney General Michael Mukasey and California Attorney General Jerry Brown determine who at Chevron authorized the millions in bribes.

Ellis Goldberg
Danville CA