Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gordon Brown meme

I have been tagged by Ellee on the things Gordon Brown should be. I believe this is what is known as a "meme" ( which also happens to be the Turkish word for “Breast” you'll be interested to learn):

Proud of:
Unlike Tony, Brown has generally adopted a more sceptical - or, as he calls it, "cautious" – approach to the EU. TB never really wised up.

Apologise for:
*He should apologise for what Lord Turnbull permanent secretary to the Treasury for four years under Mr Brown, described as Gordo’s "Stalinist ruthlessness" in government, and a "very cynical view of mankind and his colleagues". He should apologise for the way he has extended his influence to every aspect of government activity. Usually with terrible results.
*He should apologise for the 100 or so stealth tax rises since 1997 that have made the UK economy less competitive and hit family incomes hard.
* Last year, the forward accounted national debt (including public sector pensions and PFI and other "off-the-books" liabilities) was almost 105% of GDP. This year it's passed 125%. Totally unacceptable.

Do immediately when he becomes PM:
*Call an early general election….which, of course, he won’t do.
*Bury the control freakery (it is, however, deeply ingrained in his personality), abandon the spin, counter-spin, dodgy dossier approach to government.

Things he should do whilst PM:
*Abolish the Council Tax rather than just tinker with it. Which Gordo won’t do.
* He should withdraw British troops from Iraq within 12 months in order to concentrate on Afghanistan. Which he will do (IMHO).
*Take a tough, unyielding, no surrender line against the re-emerging Franco-German axis within the EU. I am hopeful he will do the right thing…
*Pass legislation allowing the people of Britain to have a referendum on the approval/rejection of countries wishing to join the EU.
I shall tag EU Serf if he is still around.....


CityUnslicker said...

I have done this too, not with your skill ,style or depth.

nice to have you back.

Ellee said...

A snap election would be a real test for Gordon Brown, but is highly improbable.

I wonder what has happened to EU-Serf, is be based in Turkey too?

I thought you might be interested in this link.

Verity said...

Sarko is very cute.

istanbultory said...

I have heard tell that EuSerf is in Turkey. His absence is sorely felt especially given the latest EU convulsions.
Verity, Sarko...cute? I wouldn't know. But he is an impressive political operator. He is also much feared in Turkey where the local populace has woken up to the fact that they are now confronted with a formidable opponent. He says that Turkey has no place in the EU. I suspect Sarko really will show the Turks the reason to doubt the man.

istanbultory said...

CU, many thanks for your gracious words. It's good to be back!