Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blair submitts

"I am sorry that Mr. Blair is going; he has always been a man who sought compromise in Europe," said President Sarkozy as the EU barely reached agreement on a blueprint for a new intergovernmental treaty.

The media consensus is that Blair largely succeeded in sticking to the four "red line" conditions he set for agreement on the new treaty -- that Britain would not cede control over foreign policy, its judicial and police system, tax and social security rules, and an EU charter of fundamental rights.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is that Blair surrendered Britain’s right to veto EU decisions in 52 areas of policy including energy, tourism, space policy, transport, civil protection and migration. TB has signed up to giving Europe a Legal Personality, which makes it a state in its own right. TB has also signed up to French demands for changes in the competition laws that will harm British business. There will also be an EU Foreign Minister in all but name. A Common Defence Policy seems to be inevitable. According to Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, it is all for the "good of the citizens."

No wonder the EU leaders will miss St. Anthony of Baghdad.


Ed said...

what I don't get is why things like TOURISM should be better decided at supranational level!!?!?!?!?

istanbultory said...

True. But why on earth are we giving up our veto rights on migration? Madness.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

He did seek compromise in Europe.

He compromised British interests in Europe.

Is that not what the French want?

istanbultory said...

Yes, and that's what the French have got. The French and Germans have successfully repackaged the crux of the old EU constitution, recyled it as a "treaty" and run rings around Tony and the Poles. The UK and warsaw being the major losers in this process.
Crushed, old chap,
You are running a superlative blog by the way- I adore its healthy mish mash of political analysis, philosophical reflection and babes.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Glad you like it, it has been described by another blogger as a stream of consciousness.

I suspect ultimately the EU will realign into two ideals, A federal state encompassing the benelux countries, France and Germany, possibly Austria, Slovenia and a couple of others, and then a larger free trade area.

Or maybe this is just me being optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Space policy?? We have a space policy! How exciting - what is it? I am in Aya Napa right now Mr Tory on a four day mini-break , I hope to have the chance visit Turkey which I believe lies to the north...

Gledwood said...

Has Tony Blair actually gone yet? It is the most anticlimactic leaving of a PM in British history. Personally I am sick of him and totally sick of Brown already ... brown could not even balance the last budget a fact that was barely reported ... £36,000,000,000 shortfall borrowed! Why couldn't they slice that off iraq I say!

What are you doing in Turkey if you are a Tory??

Come to my blog and tell me what you think about drugs education and treatment initiatives I'm interested to hear what you have to say. Labour have been spectacularly unusccessful in everything


See ya later hopefully


istanbultory said...

space? The EU has intergalactic ambitions, it would seem.
Aya Napa....why would you ever want to leave? The Turks might let you in though if you promise not to foul the public highway and refrain from self-cleansing of the genitals while in public view. They also take a dim view of those who might engage in crotch-sniffing of perfect strangers.Crotch-sniffing is poorly viewed throughout the Islamic world as you are probably aware.
Crushed, don't sell yourself short. stream of consciousness is what Islington Newmania (RIP) used to do. Your output is on a different level.
You are probably right on the future evolution of the EU. We already have a "two-speed Europe" if you consider the Euro Zone with its "insiders" and "outsiders" (long may we reamain out of it) and widely differing views in general about the direction the EU should take. I suspect the next intergovernmental treaty will take up this issue of how to formally institute a separation between those who wish to power ahead to a federal europe and those who, well, don't.
I don't believe we have had the pleasure....but thanks for dropping by. Yes, Labour has had its day. As for me being in Turkey, now that is a long story..... I shall be along to your place presently.

Anonymous said...

I am in favour of all things intergalactic!! I don't do any of those things and happy to honour the Prophet (Piss be upon him eh eh!!)

Anonymous said...

I meant PEACE

Ellee said...

I think it is disgraceful that we were not allowed a referendum. Still, it won't be too long before Tories leave the EPP-PD. Let's hope we get it right.

verity said...

I still have very high hopes for Yates of the Yard and am not giving up the ship just yet. I also have hopes for a trial in the European court of whatever. (I am prepared to overlook the Mickey Mouse aspects as long as they're trying blair.)

Re the EUSSR, I think it will split into two, but I believe the south will go its own way and the ancient democracies, and a few others, of the north will go the other way.

I have long said that France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and maybe a couple of others I can't think of right now, will join the Magreb, thus fulfilling Mitterrand's (or was it Chiraq's?) dream of les deux rives de la Mediterannée. They will cobble something up, and they are welcome to it.

Meanwhile, the countries with a strong taste for democracy and hard work will get on with their own loose arrangement. The Scandinavians, the Danes, us, the Dutch,the Poles, the Swiss, the Germans and Austrians would probably be in this grouping. So, I would hope, would the Poles.

istanbultory said...

No referendum...disgraceful if entirely inevitable. The majority of EU states(Ireland and possibly denmark being exceptions) will steer well clear of ever again holding a referendum on EU matters. Sarkozy is currently looking at ways of revising the French Constitution so as to reduce the need for future referendums. I think that crushed by IngSoc has it just about right with the Beneluxers and assorted federalists pushing ahead with the usual suspects (ie. Us, Denmark and Poland, etc) holding back and looking at ways of reducing the EU's scope and competences.
Ellee, as for exiting the EPP, bring it on.
Zapatero and especially Sarko ("Hammer of the Turks"....oh, how they hate him here) are both into the idea of establishing a Mediterranean Union " to propose common initiatives to the countries situated on the southern coast of the Mediterranean". Actually, Sarko's take on a Mediterranean Union is really about developing an alternative to admitting Turkey to the EU and integrating Turkey to some degree within EU institutions while stopping well short of the current full membership perspective.
As Sarko put it:
"I seek the establishment of a strategic partnership, economic as well as cultural, with Turkey and other states circling the Mediterranean. This is the basis of the Euro-Mediterranean union that I proposed..."
It sounds like a sound move to me.Full EU membership for Turkey never was and never will be a realistic or desirable proposition.

istanbultory said...

As for Blair being tried as a war should happen. Somehow, somewhere Blair will be dragged into court IMHO. Cherie is "concerned" at the likelihhod by all accounts.

verity said...

Stamboul Tory - Thanks for your thinking. I'll read it again tomorrow morning.

Re Blair, I don't see him getting away with it - although that may be wishful thinking. Although I think the cash-for-peerages or some Mickey Mouse European court set-up might be in his tea leaves.

I certainly hope so.