Monday, March 05, 2007

The Madness of Ming

“Ming Campbell is one of the most respected and successful politicians of his generation.” So says the modest biography on Ming’s web site.
So "successful" that Ming the Merciless has clearly indicated his party would turn to Labour not the Tories in the event of a hung parliament. It has emerged that even proportional representation (surely a non-negotiable plank of Lib Dem policy if ever there was one) for general elections would not be set as a condition for a coalition as far as Ming the Old is concerned. In other words, Campbell is open to offers from Gordo... How times have changed since Ming’s leadership election campaign…
Given that two of the three latest opinion polls show that the Conservatives are heading for a parliamentary majority, the Left are clearly much more rattled and dispirited than I had previously thought. Would the Libs really be intent on clinging to a discredited Broon government after the 2009 General Election? Could they really get into bed with the party that has brought us the Iraq war and ID cards? Is there no honour in the Lib ranks? Erm, no there probably isn’t…And in any case, hasn’t the “real Ming” been dead since 1974?
The Lib Dems are being led by an imposter. Or at the very least by someone who has read the political runes and understood that the Tories won't need the Lib Dems after the next General Election. As we all know, the Libs would sell their soul to the devil for ministerial jobs. Then again, so would New Labour. It'll make for a perfect political marriage...and a Conservative landslide soon after.


Newmania said...

I never thought there was the slightest chnace of the Liberal Party having anything to do with us IT and the Liberal-Conservatives fond deam of consensual governemnt was always only that.

I have noticed Dale talking about it and whenever he did I wondered if he had met any Liberals lately . The Grass troots support hate the Tories . In fact it is a worry that there are comparitively few Conservative 2nd choice voters .

I think Ming has only made explicit what was implicit any way in his position and that he his taking the only chance they have.

I can`t stand him actually , have youi seen his nonsense on Israel and the Middle east ?

Anonymous said...

Ming is nothing but a chinky fucking mong.

He is trying to grab some Tory votes...why? He says the LibDums are now the party of tax cuts and law and order...on what fucking planet?

This is a seriously stupid person if he thinks he can spout this shite and get away with it. What are the policies? Where are the policies?

Anonymous said...

Why do the LibDums always want to hang onto somebody else's tailcoat,they call themselves the third party,hanging out with NuLab will make the Green's the third party ,I guess he doesn't get out enough.

Newmania said...

Ming is nothing but a chinky fucking mong.

Ho ho

Newmania said...

Ming is nothing but a chinky fucking mong.

Ho ho

istanbultory said...

The Libs are increasingly desperate aren't they? It's been more than 60 years since they had their feet under the Cabinet table. The opinion polls show them on a share of about 17% of the vote which would put them well below 30 MPs in my estimation. In short, they are irrelevant....
I agree.Wholeheartedly.
The more I know about the Lib Dems the less I like 'em. Apparently, even PR is no longer the sacred cow it once was....That says a lot.

lilith said...

Ming is a tosser. He has just lost the Lib Dems thousands of votes.

Newmania said...

The opinion polls show them on a share of about 17% of the vote which would put them well below 30 MPs in

IT the two other parties constantly make the mistake of confusing what the Liberal Party is with a political Party in a the two party system. It is party of people not interested in being in Governement for obvious reasons.

Ming had no hope of leading them into a coalition with the Blues its herding cats . he might as well look as if he decided it

CityUnslicker said...

don't be too hard on Ming, he is an asset to the right.

We need a Tories for Ming campaign!

Ellee said...

Well at least we know where we stand. good riddance, and all that.
Here's another poll to cheer you up:

Anonymous said...

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