Saturday, March 10, 2007

A few observations on the nature of idiocy

London Mayor/Clown Prince Ken Livingstone has been invited to advise politicians and business leaders on how to make the most of Edinburgh's "capital city" status. I seem to remember KL describing Scots as whingers and subsidy junkies taking money out of Londoners pockets not so long ago….I also seem to remember his suspension from office for comparing a Jewish journalist to a Nazi concentration camp guard. As mayor, his flagship policy has been congestion charging for central London. The congestion charge should IMHO be scrapped as Londoners are paying to use roads twice i.e. road tax and the congestion charge. If the congestion charge is going to stay then road tax should be scrapped and there should be a pay-as-you-go system in its place. If you include council tax then London motorists are paying three times to use London roads. Ken would, of course, also prefer that his constituents didn't flush their toilets so much. Obviously, Edinburgh has much to learn from Ken. If the GLA was disbanded then think of how much more money local authorities would have and Londoners could save.
No-one is to be arrested over the Celebrity Big Brother racism row, it was announced yesterday. Hertfordshire Police said: "Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, it was felt that it would not be in the public interest to effect arrests or to pursue footage through the courts." The whole investigation was (predictably) a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money. The CPS are like the Police 'honour bound' (unfortunately) to 'Investigate all race hate crimes'. It is now possible for anyone (other than WASPs and Catholics of course) to have their moment of glory. On the upside, at least, we in Turkey can tune into You Tube again....the ban has been lifted. For now.


james higham said...

Would it be posible, do you think, to, humanely like, sort of ... er ... put Red Ken down [the big sleep, I mean]? It would be the kindest thing all round.

CityUnslicker said...

IRA Ken might well win the next mayoral election. The Tories have not found anyone to put up against him.

Ian said...

I'm waiting for my Mum to turn against him. Ken still has a long way to go though, she doesn't drive and has some sort of wonder-granny pass.

Wait till the Olympic bill lands on her rates- although I think she gets a big discount for sheltered accommoation so it won't hurt so much.

Newmania said...

There are few things that I find funnier than Ken Livingstone taking credit for the commercial success of London.
It has of course been despite him and I think its worth thinking in terms of where he has been . While the City works on its relations with New York , Paris , Hong Kong and the great trading centres of the world, Ken Livingstone spends his considerable travelling allowanve visiting left wing dictators of countries with nothing to do with us

I can see the case for a London Regional authority but in his case he appeals chiefly to the elemnts of London that consume rather than crate its wealth who are most numerous.

Imagine fora second what the country would look like if Ken Livihgsone ran it and then see if you will be able to watch him pretending the Olympics belong to him .

CU`s popint is avery good one though and Nioc Bols will get thrashed .I suspect he is only doing it to raise his profile . Axc Ken noticed aslthough it is still a Micvkety Mouse position he has a alarger direct elctoral mandate than any other politician in the country.It is a great chance for someome ad i ` suprised hat no-on e has taken it up exceopt the gay wonk from Eton Boles.

Not I hasten to add that his sexuality is a bad thing but it is not the right image for London and carries overtones of Metropolititam disengagement with the struggling families of the City .

By comparison to Ken he would look like Cameron`s spitting image puppet and its the last thing we need .

istanbultory said...

Boles will get thrashed. But the bill for the Olympics will severly impact on Labour in London and beyond further down the road. That much we can be sure of...