Friday, March 16, 2007

The War on Heterosexuality

The Polish Ministry of Education is working on a bill which will result in school headmasters risking dismissal for allowing gay propaganda in state schools. According to Krzysztof Bosak an MP from the League of Polish Families, part of the ruling government coalition:"Gay activists want to impose on society the view that homosexuality is normal. But social science brings evidence to the contrary. We see how gay lifestyle destroys people's health, we see higher levels of pathologies, addictions, suicides, violence and abuse among people who embrace the homosexual lifestyle. This is definitely not something to be presented to our children as normal, natural and healthy." Mr Bosak specifically refers to our dear old England where “… a program was devised for children to learn gay and lesbian history, which had very little to do with history or science and everything to do with an ideology that is harmful to children….”
I am not sure if I am very keen on this kind of thing either....Indeed, the proponents of this kind of sinister initiative need to understand that the only bigotry involved is precisely their own: abuse of state power to indoctrinate children into a subversive moral perspective from which dissent is neither permitted or tolerated. How very NuLabour. This week brought word that British 3-year olds are to be given citizenship lessons and fairytales are to be reworked to include homosexual themes. I feel like the world is going mad. Well Britain is at least. Dunno if that makes me 'homophobic', and I don't care either, really.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Gordo: Still crazy after all these years....

David Cameron appears to have seriously rattled Gordo's cage. Yesterday, Stephen Hale, director of the Green Alliance, said that Conservative proposals on aviation fuel "would take them ahead of where the government are at present, if they see it through".
Today in a speech to the Green Alliance GB is set to call for a "new world order" (a rather unfortunate choice of phrase) to combat climate change. Interestingly, all Labour manifestos published before the last three general elections contained the promise to deliver a 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2010, compared with 1990 levels. The fact that the UK is presently at about minus 6% compared with 1990, and that in the last couple of years emissions have increased seems not to worry Gordo overly. In fact, the Government has had a poor track record on matters environmental for quite some time. Right since its first term in office. Fear not! Gordo, who has only been a member of the Cabinet for the last 10 years, is set to ride to the rescue. Things can only get better...obviously. In his speech today, the Chancellor will highlight the Government's role in new European emissions standards and call for the UN to prioritise the fight against global warming. A Tory Government would have "no credibility, no influence and no achievements" within the EU, he will say. "Let us also be clear: only a government fully committed to the UK's role in Europe can show such leadership..." Gordo appears to be unaware that the EU is both seriously divided over how to proceed on the environment and (of course) seriously incompetent in tackling the issue. The UN too is hardly noted for its successful leadership on the environment. So there we have it- Gordon's solutions to the problem of global environmental change rest with the EU and the UN. As far as Britain's membership of the European Union is concerned, the popular trend in the UK is strongly towards increasing scepticism about the value of Britain's membership of the European Union. Alas, GB seems not to have noticed. He'll be coming out in favour of the Euro next. Bring it on Gordo, bring it on!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A few observations on the nature of idiocy

London Mayor/Clown Prince Ken Livingstone has been invited to advise politicians and business leaders on how to make the most of Edinburgh's "capital city" status. I seem to remember KL describing Scots as whingers and subsidy junkies taking money out of Londoners pockets not so long ago….I also seem to remember his suspension from office for comparing a Jewish journalist to a Nazi concentration camp guard. As mayor, his flagship policy has been congestion charging for central London. The congestion charge should IMHO be scrapped as Londoners are paying to use roads twice i.e. road tax and the congestion charge. If the congestion charge is going to stay then road tax should be scrapped and there should be a pay-as-you-go system in its place. If you include council tax then London motorists are paying three times to use London roads. Ken would, of course, also prefer that his constituents didn't flush their toilets so much. Obviously, Edinburgh has much to learn from Ken. If the GLA was disbanded then think of how much more money local authorities would have and Londoners could save.
No-one is to be arrested over the Celebrity Big Brother racism row, it was announced yesterday. Hertfordshire Police said: "Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, it was felt that it would not be in the public interest to effect arrests or to pursue footage through the courts." The whole investigation was (predictably) a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money. The CPS are like the Police 'honour bound' (unfortunately) to 'Investigate all race hate crimes'. It is now possible for anyone (other than WASPs and Catholics of course) to have their moment of glory. On the upside, at least, we in Turkey can tune into You Tube again....the ban has been lifted. For now.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Life without You Tube

I don't tend to foray much into Turkish matters on this blog as you will have noticed. Unless I feel particularly infuriated about goings on in these parts. Today, I have good cause to be infuriated. An Istanbul court has issued an order denying access to YouTube following an escalating dispute between Greek and Turkish users of the site. The last time I checked , the ban was still in force. For devoted supporters of Turkey’s EU bid, the very fact that I can’t really comment much on this particular story should tell you something….And then there's this. Depressing, isn't it?

Lord Levy- a victim? 'don't think so....

Lord Levy, the Labour fundraiser at the heart of the cash-for-peerages storm, has given a veiled warning that a series of leaks about the affair could prejudice any criminal action against him. Indeed, the risk of the legal process collapsing has led to speculation that Downing Street officials have deliberately orchestrated the leaks. That much is clear….but now there’s more.
For there has also been a suggestion from Lord Levy's rabbi that anti-semitism could be behind the "smear" campaign. Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet said: "It does become very damaging to Anglo-Jewry in particular... and the wider public when we have this running on." Rabbi Schochet said he did not believe the leaks came from No 10, but rather other "sinister" corners. Some people in the Jewish community can really be pathetic when it comes to these issues. It isn't racism. Someone has attempted to pervert the course of justice. They could be a black lesbian or white heterosexual: It would make no difference. But “sinister” corners …… come off it. Levy has complained before that he was the victim of a dirty tricks campaign. When he sold his business in 1988, he had paid £2.5 million in taxes but had paid very little in 2000 because most of his capital was invested in "two very, very nice residences" that didn't bring him any income. With a fortune of more than £10 million behind him, it has been alleged that he paid only £5,000 in tax during the financial year 1998-99 - equivalent to the tax paid on a salary of £21,000. “Sinister”, some might say...

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Madness of Ming

“Ming Campbell is one of the most respected and successful politicians of his generation.” So says the modest biography on Ming’s web site.
So "successful" that Ming the Merciless has clearly indicated his party would turn to Labour not the Tories in the event of a hung parliament. It has emerged that even proportional representation (surely a non-negotiable plank of Lib Dem policy if ever there was one) for general elections would not be set as a condition for a coalition as far as Ming the Old is concerned. In other words, Campbell is open to offers from Gordo... How times have changed since Ming’s leadership election campaign…
Given that two of the three latest opinion polls show that the Conservatives are heading for a parliamentary majority, the Left are clearly much more rattled and dispirited than I had previously thought. Would the Libs really be intent on clinging to a discredited Broon government after the 2009 General Election? Could they really get into bed with the party that has brought us the Iraq war and ID cards? Is there no honour in the Lib ranks? Erm, no there probably isn’t…And in any case, hasn’t the “real Ming” been dead since 1974?
The Lib Dems are being led by an imposter. Or at the very least by someone who has read the political runes and understood that the Tories won't need the Lib Dems after the next General Election. As we all know, the Libs would sell their soul to the devil for ministerial jobs. Then again, so would New Labour. It'll make for a perfect political marriage...and a Conservative landslide soon after.