Thursday, February 15, 2007

In denial....

I am blazingly angry at the minute. Martin Jacques- one of the usual suspects along with Polly, Will Hutton, and Jackey Ashley- is the cause of my fury. Mr Jacques is up in arms about the “demonisation” of Islam. Nothing original in his argument. In fact, the entire article is a revisitation of the usual percieved "problem" of "anti Muslim racism." The Guardian runs with this kind of thing on a near daily basis... terror denial of course being the new "in-thing" among radical Left-leaning circles. For Martin Jacques, the plot to blow up perhaps 10 aircraft, that led to a vast security clampdown at Heathrow and new hand-luggage rules last Summer should be treated with “a degree of scepticism…given the experience of cases such as the ricin plot that never was. Martin is also very upbeat about the fact “…that deaths in the UK from Islamist terrorism have been far fewer than those perpetrated by the IRA…” For Martin Jacques, the principle of multiculturalism remains a sacred one as it “recognises the importance of pluralism” and “The attack on multiculturalism is (of course) the thin end of the racism wedge”. Martin Jacques is a prime specimen of moral idiocy, an appeaser of religious fascism. The worst of it is that his ilk believe they are fighting the good fight. They associate anti-Westernism, no matter what form it takes, with concern for the underdog and with being a compassionate lefty. It's self-hatred, but it's not hard to see why it's so appealing: it's easier to criticise your own free Western society than to take aim at countries like Sudan, Iran or China. Wouldn't want to be called a racist, would we?It's about time that the vacuous drivel chanted by leftist appeasers was attacked head on.
There's a struggle ahead. Are you up for it? Thankfully, David Cameron appears to be.....alas, the Left has already surrendered.


Serf said...

The comparison of death tolls with IRA terror is a complete red herring.

Does anyone truly believe that given the chance, Islamic Extremists wouldn't kill thousands of British people in one go, as they did on Sept 11th.

As a general rule, people who define themselves by what they are not, or what they are against are both dangerous and foolish.

Racists define themselves as not "the other" leftists seem to define themselves as "Not Capitalist", "Not pro USA".

Newmania said...

Interesting IT I rarely look at the Guardian and when I do I `ve found it a lot less silly than it used to be . I did get the Independent yesterday and I `m wondering if that’s where all the little numbskulls went. Some thinking on "That report" that put me in mind of an ape grappling with its first primitive stone/tool for all the intellectual awareness on display.
This on the other hand is back to the good old days for the Guardian,.
I think you have to remember than columnists like to adopt attitudes .The rule is simplify exaggerate but always disagree. Anti Islamic thinking has become a area of broad agreement so i doubt the sincerity of the piece from the start.. I don’t think Multi-culturalism has been abandoned in any meaningful way we are talking about at least fifty years following the last war in which everyhitng that was English culture has been derided to the point where derision and self loathing have become what we are.Even so pure and loft a soul as myself is not without taint……

Roger Scruton puts this down to a catastrophic infection of guilt and moral fatigue brought about by the two world wars which bred in the English a hatred of everything they are . It has taken the inclusion of some of the most clearly evil people one can think of in the “better than us “ bracket for us to notice we are not perhaps quite the worst that is. This anti Islamic movement is then , I hope the beginning of a rediscovery of the countries true nature but it is only a beginning.
Typically the article is chiefly to do with flaying ourselves and concerns itself little with our enemies actions. The parallel with the IRA is quite false in that in Ireland our sense of past wrongs was as justified as anywhere but personally I have always despised and hated the IRA as well.
If we are going to get anywhere we rediscovering our selves we can expect far more shrieking and wailing from the entrenched forces of self disgust that dominate opinion forming today.

Nice work but careful with that Guardian reading

Guthrum said...

I have always found that people like Jacques take a pleasure in ignoring the obvious in order to give themselves some form of credibility amongst a spurious class of the 'avant garde'.

Ellee said...

Off topic, but fyi,

Newmania said...

in denial

Isn`t that where Cleopatra fell ?

Colin said...


Thanks again for an interesting post. I agree with everything you said except "It's self-hatred".

I have have done a lot of thinking in search for an explanation why we (the Western culture) hate ourselves. My conclusion was that the word "we" is the problem preventing us from seeing the obvious.

One of the strongest instincts in primates is the desire to establish an hierarchy, to be above the crowd. That's what the leftists are doing, they are claiming that they are superior to the average chap in the Western world. By becoming a member of the leftist religion, they feel that they belong to an elite possessing superior knowledge, wisdom and moral. They want to be our and everybody else's masters. In the animal behavioral literature, this behavior is called social dominance. Leftists are fighting for social dominance and hate everybody and everything who is in their way to the top. Hence, their self-righteousness, arrogance, and will of destruction.