Sunday, February 11, 2007

Beyond the haze lies class war

During the Tory leadership election in 2005, there were repeated rumours that David Cameron had dabbled with cannabis and cocaine before becoming an MP in 2001. It now appears that as a schoolboy at Eton, Dave was disciplined by the school for cannabis use. After his Eton "bust" in 1982, Mr Cameron appears to have largely abstained from drug use. Mr Reid, the Home Secretary has correctly asked"Do we want to get to the level of ensuring that every politician who is elected or bids for leadership or takes part in national politics is a sort of plastic politician produced off some colourless and characterless conveyor belt?". "I don't think that would serve politics well", he said.
It all adds up to quite the non-story. Something for Labour bloggers and the red-tops to get all hysterical about for a while...and now on to more important issues.
For it seems that the gloriously perma-tanned Northern Ireland Secretary and Deputy PM candidate, Peter Hain has decided that it is time to soak the rich. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Hain warned companies to take action to self regulate on city bonuses or face "a big fight". He also claims that a loss of ‘moral corporate responsibility’ produces a society ‘….where you start getting envy being promoted and a sense of real antagonism and that breeds all sorts of socially undesirable behaviour..." He controversially proposes that City firms donate two thirds of their bonus pot to charity or invest it in regeneration schemes in London's East End. In 1998, Mr Mandelson said that Labour was "intensely relaxed" about people getting filthy rich but added a crucial qualification - as long as they pay taxes. Mr Hain, I thought bonus payments are taxed at 40%. If a someone in the City receives £10m as a bonus, the government gains £4m. Where's the problem? Hain's "thinking" certainly seems strangely disjointed, hazy, blurred,confused. I wonder if he ever inhaled in his youth.
While it is immensely pleasing to see the resurrection of “Old" Labour mantras at the heart of government (surely proof that "New" Labour was never anything other than a carefully crafted mirage), what concerns me more is Torygraph claims that David Cameron is about to make a speech also encouraging bosses to clamp down on bonuses, (but he will not threaten legislation). I would strongly advise DC against such an intervention. People will only accuse Dave of hazy thinking……


Anonymous said...

Hain is a t-rd ,his days are slowly slipping down the drain.
As for Cameron when he was 15, it looks like they tried to find something on him but that all they got ,the press are the lowest of the the low ,It doesn't mean I like him I dont ,my pref is DD

Anonymous said...

It's like keeping up with the Jones's ,but then Cameron looks like ,talks like Tone ,which is which I wonder, DD for me.

CityUnslicker said...

Hopefully the smoke will blow away quickly on this one.

As for hain -what an imbecile. the man is just a cretin and is saying extra stupid things to get elected as deputy leader of the labour party.

The mind boggles.

Newmania said...

Oh yes IT. The Cameron thing is to ridiculous for words and increases my respect for him if anything .Churchill was not a well behaved boy.

Hain is much more serious and I cannot help thinking of Harold Wilson`s victory against the the odds. It was thought that real enmity betwen classes had subsided but in the 60s the Labour Party fanned the flames at every opportunity and with success.

This sort of cynical appeal to brute envy and an illusory sense of entitlement shows desparation but it will have an effect.

It sickens me to have to listen to such offal.Nauseating

istanbultory said...

DC has, I believe, successfully deflected the issue. The real scandal is that official government figures released today show that more than seven million households are now dependent on the state for at least half its income. This govt is responsible for the creation of a dependency culture. Yet Hain is condemining the very nature of a competitive enterprise economy. Where's the outcry?

Newmania said...

Hey hey I have been shouting about that for a very very long time . In Iz the figure would not be far short of 40 % of the entire population with whole areas on benefits.

Hain is ... well he`s a cunt isn`t he ..(sorry IT).Cognisance this alone will not clean up the mess of the last ten years and to me evrything comes back to this issue.

A well timed report but the reponse of the Conservative Party shows the extent to which the "benefits are not caring" arguemnt has yet to be won.

If I have one political crusade it is that.

( Oh yes I live in drama with acompanying orchestral score. Everyhting I do is SO IMPORTANT..natch)

Serf said...

When a politician is caught up in a "scandal" over what he did at 15, you can be sure that the enemy is in a panic.

I mean, who gives a toss what a former Prime Minister was up to as a teenager. Drugs was never my thing, but I would never want to elect someone whose youth was devoid of vice. Give me a human any time.

Meanwhile most of Cameron's opponents spent their youth longing for a bloody revolution.

Ellee said...

Obama has admitted taking cocaine in his teenage years, but the American press don't seem to be hounding him. I really don't see how there is any mileage in this story any more.

james higham said...

Nice treatment of the Cannaberon issue and Reid's coment.

Graham E said...

'I wonder if he (Hain) ever inhaled'?
Don't know but I bet he swallowed. Bid Jaffa.

maxnewser said...

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