Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sex doesn't sell...

It’s not only the Labour Party that seems to be a little on the flaccid side these days. Europe’s largest sex shop chain Beate Uhse (in which the wonderfully named Dutch pornography entrepreneur Gerard Cok holds a 20.8 percent stake) , is having to close down its stores aimed at women due to, erm, a flagging performance. The price of Beate Uhse stock has plunged from its high of 29 euros at the company's stock market flotation to a very deflated 3.95 euros in November 2006. Surely, the idea of a sex shop chain trying to embrace female customers was not the brightest of corporate decisions in the first place. Or am I misreading the female psyche? Cue our friend from "Down Under", MsSmack….


Ex-Home Secretary Charles Clarke and former Party Chairman Alan Milburn have called for an "open debate" on Labour's future. They say that after ten years in office Labour had to show that it had the "vision and policies" for Britain's future. In other words, they are trying to search out a “Stop Gordo” candidate. One cannot but help sense the hand of His Tonyness in this affair. Yet the only potential challenger for the Labour leadership is Environment Secretary Miliband who has publicly ruled out standing for the leadership or the deputy's job. Or can he be persuaded to think again? Will Gordo be pipped at the post? Surely, Gordo is the "ideal candidate"……at least, from our perspective.

Monday, February 26, 2007

To hell with Margaret Beckett’s privacy, what about ours?

For those who may have suspected my untimely demise, fear not. Istanbul Tory remains firmly in the land of the living after grappling with a nasty bout of flu…
As Foreign Secretary, the wonderfully equine (check out her teeth in that photo) Margaret Beckett has impressed few. Yesterday brought news that the (less than stellar)impressionist, Rory Bremner had tricked Beckett into a string of indiscreet observations about government colleagues by pretending to be Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, during a telephone call in 2005. Mrs Beckett yesterday accused the impressionist of "an unprincipled and unpleasant breach of privacy". No, Mags, an “unprincipled and unpleasant breach of privacy” is what your Government is inflicting on the British people. It is NuLabour that has chosen to link the introduction of ID cards and a National Identity Register to the renewal of passports. The NIR (National Identity Register) - the individual checking and numbering of the population - will be the key to a total life history of every individual, to be retained even after death. Within a matter of weeks new adult passport applicant will be forced to travel to Identity and Passport Service interrogation Centres for an intrusive face-to-face "interview". The interview procedure will involve extensive questioning, such as about home addresses for the last few years, family details, education records, etc. Leaked Home Office documents describe these interviews as "intrusive", and admit that they will slow down the passport application process from ten days to six weeks or more.
You know where you can shove your privacy, Mags, don’t you?
Still, Beckett has begun to shine in more literary pursuits and has just written the introduction to a new book on caravanning, intriguingly titled Teach Yourself Caravanning. Beckett's spokeswoman said last night. "She was very happy to do it because caravanning has given her so much pleasure and she hopes others will be able to get the same enjoyment from it." Well, it’s nice to know she is good at something…

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You will be angry....

On the matter of dealing with paedophiles, I am firmly of the view that the full application of Islamic law has much to commend it. No need for expensive treatment programmes, group discussion and individual psycho-therapy, or conditioning methods.Alas, the Scottish Executive takes a different view. Cathy Jamieson, the Scottish justice minister/former social worker/walking disaster, yesterday rejected a suggestion by a Scottish Parliament committee that aimed to give police additional powers to enter the home of a registered sex offender without a warrant where there are concerns about the safety of a child in the area. This came in the wake of a review by members of the Scottish Parliament into child sex offenders ( following the murder of eight-year-old Mark Cummings, who was killed by a known sex offender, who lived in the same tower block in Glasgow) At the same time, Wikipedia reports Jamieson has “used her ministerial position to promote legislation that would target many sado-masochists and fetishists by proposing to criminalise possession of so-called "extreme pornography". A minister with interesting priorities it would seem. Jamieson has plenty of form you won't be surprised to learn. ( See here )
The bottom line is that there is no fool proof system of keeping children safe from paedophiles because we do not know the identities of all of them. Thus, the police need extraordinary powers….any failure to act would be inexcusable.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cherie administers the kiss of death

The radiantly lovely Cherie Blair leant her support to Labour’s shambolic Welsh Assembly election campaign today with a visit to a seat that Labour is likely to lose. Cardiff North tops the Conservatives’ target list for the Welsh assembly election in May. After Cherie’s visit I’m sure Labour can pretty much classify Cardiff North in the unwinnable column. The Welsh Labour Party has, of course, requested Tony not to visit during the campaign. They are shedding enough support as it is. Cherie was, however, uncharacteristically tight-lipped during her visit to Cardiff, refusing to give her views on the competition to succeed John Prescott when asked if the next deputy Labour leader should be a woman. What she did say was “We have got so many great women in the Labour Party including of course, a third of all ministers are women.”
Not so sure about the use of the word “great”….Think about it.
There’s Mags Beckett, the Foreign Secretary
There’s Patsy Hewitt, the Health Secretary
There’s Ruth Kelly, cabinet secretary for something quite obscure but I can never quite remember what
There’s Hazel Blears, Chair of the Labour Party
There’s Harriet Harman, the Solicitor General
And last but not least, there’s Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary
Of course, there’s a stack more of female dross within the government, hidden in various nooks and crannies. Try as I must, I can’t see too many signs of greatness though.
Labour is, as it has always been, a party committed to equal opportunities, especially for the hyper-mediocre in its own ranks. Cherie stands like a Nelson Mandella type hero-figure to them all. For if the likes of the Blairs have risen, without discernable talent or merit, to positions of such power and privilege, there’s surely hope for third-rate minds everywhere…

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You’ve never had it so crap.....

Tony Blair has failed to make Britain less selfish in almost a decade in power, according to a massive 90% of voters.The huge majority in a poll for the Sunday Telegraph includes 43% who think things are worse and 47% no better than under the last Tory administration. Apart from illegal immigrants, higher taxes, higher crime levels, and a growth in the number of sex offenders employed in schools what exactly has the voter gained from New Labour?
The Labour Party will shake off its mid-term blues, Education Secretary Alan Johnson has predicted, saying that the party has the chance to win an historic fourth term in government.I dare say he is right. After all, Labour has skillfully used its time in office to create an enormous client state on whose votes it can now depend. By creating hundreds of thousands of new public sector jobs that are completely unnecessary and promoting welfare as a lifestyle choice for millions of adults who ought to be at work, it now has a built in power base of what can only be described as parasites on the productive economy, i.e. the real world the rest of us live in, where the wealth to pay for it all has to be generated…. What Britain needs is a government worthy of the name.
(Things could probably get better if Ms Smack were in charge. She’d apply a firm hand to the nation’s problems. For those who know not, Ms S commands a blog that is well worth perusing and savouring, is a regular contributor to Mr Newmania's gargantuan output and is most erudite on the pleasure points of sexual politics....)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lammy is the future…obviously.

My trawl through the hallowed grounds of left-leaning journalism continues apace today. The Guardian (or at least, Mark Lawson) suggests that the idea of all the party leaders at the next UK election being led by “three white male Protestants: Brown, Cameron, Campbell” is, of course, an event worthy of much wailing and gnashing of teeth. This is all very diffferent to the US. “A UK equivalent of Barack Obama is very hard to spot - David Lammy, perhaps…” suggests Lawson with an apparent straight face. The real question for the "diversity" and PC brigade to ask is why neither the Labour Party (lets not count Margaret Beckett who was only an acting leader) or the Libs have never been led by a woman or a Jew? We have managed both in recent history … Lawson is right to point out that Democratic presidential contender Obama is "spectacularly unqualified, inexperienced and vulnerable". But then so is Lammy. And as a barrister (specialising in medical ethics, negligence and commercial litigation) with a masters from the Law School at Harvard University he isn’t particularly representative of many of his constituents or much of the male black community in the UK

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In denial....

I am blazingly angry at the minute. Martin Jacques- one of the usual suspects along with Polly, Will Hutton, and Jackey Ashley- is the cause of my fury. Mr Jacques is up in arms about the “demonisation” of Islam. Nothing original in his argument. In fact, the entire article is a revisitation of the usual percieved "problem" of "anti Muslim racism." The Guardian runs with this kind of thing on a near daily basis... terror denial of course being the new "in-thing" among radical Left-leaning circles. For Martin Jacques, the plot to blow up perhaps 10 aircraft, that led to a vast security clampdown at Heathrow and new hand-luggage rules last Summer should be treated with “a degree of scepticism…given the experience of cases such as the ricin plot that never was. Martin is also very upbeat about the fact “…that deaths in the UK from Islamist terrorism have been far fewer than those perpetrated by the IRA…” For Martin Jacques, the principle of multiculturalism remains a sacred one as it “recognises the importance of pluralism” and “The attack on multiculturalism is (of course) the thin end of the racism wedge”. Martin Jacques is a prime specimen of moral idiocy, an appeaser of religious fascism. The worst of it is that his ilk believe they are fighting the good fight. They associate anti-Westernism, no matter what form it takes, with concern for the underdog and with being a compassionate lefty. It's self-hatred, but it's not hard to see why it's so appealing: it's easier to criticise your own free Western society than to take aim at countries like Sudan, Iran or China. Wouldn't want to be called a racist, would we?It's about time that the vacuous drivel chanted by leftist appeasers was attacked head on.
There's a struggle ahead. Are you up for it? Thankfully, David Cameron appears to be.....alas, the Left has already surrendered.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Agreeing (ever so slightly) with Blair

Anti-terrorist police were right to launch a major raid in Forest Gate, London, during which an innocent man was shot, an independent watchdog concluded yesterday. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) described the raid as a "terrifying experience" for those involved and they deserved a public apology. Scotland Yard insisted last night that it would not make that apology, having already apologised "three times" last year.
Perhaps, more importantly, the investigators upheld Scotland Yard's central decision to mount the operation and the tactics used. Having reviewed the intelligence, the IPCC found that "the police decision to mount the operation was necessary and proportionate in the light of that information". The commission's report was quickly branded a "whitewash" by the family targeted. Credit where credit's due: Tony Blair reiterated his support for the police. "I think the police in trying to prevent British people being victims of terrorism do an excellent job... Sometimes I think they're in a way damned if they do, damned if they don't. If they take strong action they're liable to be criticised. But ... if they failed to take strong action and it transpired afterwards that they'd been advised there was a problem, they'd be attacked even more strongly." Exactly.
No institution, especially law enforcement is infallible, due to the extreme cases individual police officers have to confront. The injured, somewhat bearded, person concerned (pictured above) will have received the best free medical services possible and will no doubt receive the equivalent of a major lotto win in compensation. Pardon me if I refuse to weep, wail, gnash my teeth and bemoan the lot of the families concerned. If it takes the police 10 mistakes to respond to one real threat then so be it…. For once I'm on Tony's side as far as police tactics are concerned. In a wider sense, the terrorist threat must not, however, tempt democracies into undermining their own values as Sir Ken Macdonald, head of the Crown Prosecution Service warned last week.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Modesty of Princess Tony

Tony has a plan. It is, as ├╝ber nuLabour loyalist, Jackie Ashley writes “A far-advanced, detailed plan for his life after Downing Street, which he hopes will keep him in the spotlight” and wait for it... “save his reputation”(!). Jackie wants us to know that the Plan “has been quietly worked on for 18 months” Whats more, “Key meetings this very week will take it forward”. It’s going to mean a lot of travelling for TB post-Downing Street and he’ll have to forgo the lecture circuit and the corporate boardroom for a higher cause.You have to admit, that despite everything, Blair has appeared to be very pleased with himself of late.
Actually, it’s a modest kind of plan for a modest kind of guy. Mission Blair involves nothing less…..than saving the planet from global warming. TB will deploy his global links, especially in the US, to broker a “Kyoto 2” agreement. Or at least thats what the Dear Leader appears to have in mind.
As Jacky herself puts it “There will be hoots of derision in many quarters” That I would humbly argue is putting it mildly. Blair cannot broker the follow up to Kyoto outside government. On whose authority would he be negotiating? Under what conditions would he be functioning and to whom would he be answerable?Dream on Tone. Less than a fifth of Britons see Prime Minister Tony Blair as "honest and straightforward," according to a poll released last week. It's very likely many world leaders take a similar view of Blair.
TB seems (realistically enough) to have given up any hope of a “legacy” and has now settled on a vanity project instead. How the mighty have fallen...The self-styled 'First Lady of Great Britain' at least seems to have opted for more worldly concerns post-No 10.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Beyond the haze lies class war

During the Tory leadership election in 2005, there were repeated rumours that David Cameron had dabbled with cannabis and cocaine before becoming an MP in 2001. It now appears that as a schoolboy at Eton, Dave was disciplined by the school for cannabis use. After his Eton "bust" in 1982, Mr Cameron appears to have largely abstained from drug use. Mr Reid, the Home Secretary has correctly asked"Do we want to get to the level of ensuring that every politician who is elected or bids for leadership or takes part in national politics is a sort of plastic politician produced off some colourless and characterless conveyor belt?". "I don't think that would serve politics well", he said.
It all adds up to quite the non-story. Something for Labour bloggers and the red-tops to get all hysterical about for a while...and now on to more important issues.
For it seems that the gloriously perma-tanned Northern Ireland Secretary and Deputy PM candidate, Peter Hain has decided that it is time to soak the rich. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Hain warned companies to take action to self regulate on city bonuses or face "a big fight". He also claims that a loss of ‘moral corporate responsibility’ produces a society ‘….where you start getting envy being promoted and a sense of real antagonism and that breeds all sorts of socially undesirable behaviour..." He controversially proposes that City firms donate two thirds of their bonus pot to charity or invest it in regeneration schemes in London's East End. In 1998, Mr Mandelson said that Labour was "intensely relaxed" about people getting filthy rich but added a crucial qualification - as long as they pay taxes. Mr Hain, I thought bonus payments are taxed at 40%. If a someone in the City receives £10m as a bonus, the government gains £4m. Where's the problem? Hain's "thinking" certainly seems strangely disjointed, hazy, blurred,confused. I wonder if he ever inhaled in his youth.
While it is immensely pleasing to see the resurrection of “Old" Labour mantras at the heart of government (surely proof that "New" Labour was never anything other than a carefully crafted mirage), what concerns me more is Torygraph claims that David Cameron is about to make a speech also encouraging bosses to clamp down on bonuses, (but he will not threaten legislation). I would strongly advise DC against such an intervention. People will only accuse Dave of hazy thinking……

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Welsh are racists....its official

This blogging thing is ultra distracting from the task of being a blood sucking capitalist leech. So I had planned not to engage in the spouting of my usual erudite bile (at least for today). But then my plan suddenly came to nought. The cause? One of the usual suspects, I am afraid. None other than the Commission for Racial Equality.A report from the Commission for Racial Equality has found that each of the 22 local authorities in Wales are failing to prevent racial discrimination in the allocation of council houses. The CRE's director in Wales, Chris Myant, said that unless councils improved in this field their chief executives would find themselves being prosecuted.The allegation of 'institutional racism' has even been raised. It’s perhaps understandable that Welsh councils have been somewhat negligent in this area. A little perspective is called for….
People from ethnic minorities made up only 4% of the Welsh population in 2001, compared to 13% for England. The number of black people living in Wales amounts to just over 7,000 people or a quarter of one percent of the population. In many parts of Wales, especially in the valleys and to the north of the country, non-white people are a rare sight. In Wrexham, 99% of the population are white, and there are only 164 black people out of a total population of 128,000. I have extracted all of those statistics from where else but the … of the Commission for Racial Equality. Perhaps Welsh councils feel (with some justification) that they have more important matters to focus on.....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Emasculating the Lords

If the government is to be believed, its new white paper, The House of Lords: Reform, is an attempt to strike a balance between making the 700-year-old upper chamber more democratic without creating a rival to the House of Commons. MPs are to have a free vote before Easter on options ranging from a fully appointed chamber to a 20 to 100 per cent elected element. I say it openly- I have problems with the idea of the House of Lords. In its current form, it is too often an ermine-ridden quango populated by the clapped out, the unelectable and the unspeakable. Well, at least as far as its non-Tory members are concerned. In a genuine representative democracy, any and all politicians should be elected.
And yet the Lords are the only ones who have managed to stop some terribly stupid legislation from getting passed ( See here and here and here ) There clearly needs to be some "body" to prevent Governments (of whatever party) from acting as they wish all the time. The HoL has been a useful check on the excesses and self-interest of the HoC. It is not the notion of reform that concerns me but the fact that Jack Straw is driving it, having noted his earlier 'successes' at the Home Office and Iraq. Straw yesterday came under fire from Theresa May, the Shadow Commons leader, who described the package as a "lowest common denominator" solution which would satisfy no-one and perpetuate cronyism. Theresa May is clearly right. And I doubt whether Labour is entirely behind Straw's proposals. Obviously, in their hearts many Labourites believe that total abolition of the House of Lords would be preferable to retaining the status quo.
To my way of thinking, it shouldn't be within the HoC's power to re-structure the Upper House anyway, changes that affect the way the country is governed should be approved by referendum and not be at the whim of the current Prime Minister and his Cabinet. It is interesting too that the current government suddenly desires to reform a house which has become such a bane to its existence and in particular has brought this Prime Minister to the brink of total disgrace…

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A view from the political wilderness

In February’s Parliamentary Monitor magazine, Lord David Owen (no spring chicken himself) says that Sir Menzies Campbell is too old to be leader of the Liberal Democrats and should be replaced by "a young Turk" ( it goes without saying that I could probably help him out on that score-hee,hee, hee!) Trivia such as who should be the Lib Dem leader need hardly concern us….The weighted average of opinion polls suggest that the inevitable outcome of the next election will be a hung parliament. That should concern all of us.
Lord Owen or “Dr. Death” (as he was known by Libbers during the dismal years of the “SDP-Liberal Alliance”) has raised the prospect of a Lib-Dem-Conservative pact as a possible outcome of the next general election. He said there was now a lot of common ground between the two parties. "If Cameron has the largest number of MPs but not an outright majority, I hope he can deal with the Liberal Democrats and come to an arrangement” I think people can see a lot of Conservative policies are acceptable now”
Dr. Death, of course, has a fine track record in administering the kiss of death to a variety of political parties and generally causing matyhem, to say nothing of his bungling in the his words should be treated with some caution. But what is to be done? Deal or no deal? Should the Lib Dems be “hunted down like animals until scared and shivering they are torn to pieces by a merciless pack”? (if I may cite Mr Newmania) Or, short of offering PR for the House of Commons, do we give a little, as myself and Mr Dale would prefer, perhaps PR for an elected House of Lords and so on? Just think what a Lib-Lab. Coalition would be like. It's not a pleasant prospect, is it?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dave and the "oppressed"

As even casual visitors to this august and erudite blog (if I may borrow His Grace's phraseology) will be aware, I have a lot of time for David Cameron and very little time for “persecuted” minorities and “agenda-driven” lobbies. Thus, my esteem for the Leader has risen to even greater heights on hearing of DC’s “blazing” row with the elders of the Birmingham Central Mosque yesterday. Dr Mohammad Naseem, chairman of the elders told DC that anti-terror raids in Birmingham last week were comparable to the Nazis' persecution of the Jews. As recently as last week Dr Naseem accused the government of "picking on" the Muslim community in order to make political points."The German people were told the Jews were a threat. The same thing is happening here," he said.
Cameron told reporters after a two-hour meeting with Muslim leaders including Dr Naseem."He's completely and utterly wrong and I think that's not responsible at all…It's quite clear from the events of 7/7 and other events that Britain does face a terrorist threat and we need to confront that and defeat it." True enough. At this very moment, Police are also searching for two men in Birmingham who were said to have disappeared before the raids were ordered.
In any case, the UK’s Muslim community would do well to note that it is the Conservatives who are on the attack over Nu Labour's attitude to civil liberties and it is the Conservatives who are pledging to oppose ID cards and moves to extend detention beyond 28 days. The Muslim community might also reflect on the fact that prior to the Iraq War they overwhelmingly used to vote Labour (it is estimated that 70-80% of Muslim voters used to opt for Labour pre-2003). Thus, if now they feel “persecuted” they have only themselves to blame. And Labour might like to abandon its reliance on (cough) ethnic bloc voting especially of the postal vote variety. Most of all, in Birmingham.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Blair escapes justice….?

I have always believed that Blair is not going to face charges over “Cash-for-peerages”. But whilst this outcome might allow him some brief solace, it would be temporary if the prosecutors pressed charges against members of his inner circle. If yesterday’s News of the Screws and The Scotsman are right, Scotland Yard is believed to be considering charges of perverting the course of justice against Ruth Turner, Blair's 'gatekeeper', and one of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice against Lord Levy, the trusted party fundraiser. It is hard to see how Blair could continue to govern in such circumstances.
But some hardened NuLabourites think TB should go on….In today’s Grauniad, Jackey Ashley writes that Blair should stay for the "sake of the party". She also opines: "If we now have a period in which MPs' voices drown out those of the Party Animals, so much the better." Why is it wrong for Blair not to listen to the voices of his own MPs even if he is busy ignoring the voice of the country as he did with the illegal invasion of Iraq? Ashley also writes : "No, I haven't taken leave of my senses." I have to disagree- you clearly have taken leave of your senses. Perhaps Blair should go for the sake of a long-suffering people, Jackey. The Labour Party can collectively disappear up Lord Levy's arsehole for all most people care.
Despite being able to stop this situation from worsening, Brown isn't exactly pushing Blair to go. Gordo would naturally prefer Blair to be in charge at least until May so that Broon wouldn’t be tainted at the outset of his premiership with what may be catastrophic results in the elections for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and scores of English councils.
If today's Indie is to be believed, Blair is hanging on to join Bush for the bombing of Iran in the Spring.
The nightmare goes on.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tone Deaf

TB (great photo of the Dear Leader, eh?) still refuses to face the music. His Tonyness yesterday declared he will not be driven from office by the cash-for-peerages inquiry, but admitted he sees no point in trying to convince the public his integrity remains intact. At last, he demonstrates some realism one might say. In front of Labour's National Policy Forum today, Blair appealed to party activists to keep faith with the New Labour agenda.The agenda now includes, it would seem, using underage British children to fight in Blair’s wars. Yes, Tony Blair truly has taken the UK back into the Dark Ages…
It seems the UK has broken a United Nations treaty (signed up to by Blair) forbidding the use of child soldiers. Blair has, of course, been busy sending lots of cannon fodder/underage troops - including 17-year-old girls -to Iraq. Teenagers are by far the largest recruiting group for the military. And it’s a trend that seems set to continue. More than 1,000 crack recruiters trawl schools, Jobcentres and high streets for likely candidates.
The present policy of deployment of children clearly violates the government's duty to protect the right to physical and mental integrity of children. And their integrity is far more important than Blair’s…if any remains in that particular case.
Sending underage troops to fight in illegal wars…..It’s all part of Blair's legacy, the unaccepatable face of the New Labour agenda. I do hope the Labour activists who attended the National Policy Forum are feeling suitably inspired after communing with TB today....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

On Foreign Prisoners...Reid is failing

Between 1999-2006, some 1,023 foreign prisoners, including killers, rapists and child abusers, were released from UK prisons when they should have been considered for deportation. The government and police are still trying to locate many of them.
On 17th May 2006, Blair said: “For years, we have not been deporting all those people convicted of a serious criminal offense. I say now, ‘Let us deport all those people’.” In strict legal terms, Blair cannot change the law to deport “automatically” all foreign criminals the moment they have served their sentences. At the time, David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, correctly described Mr Blair’s comments as “disingenuous” and questioned whether ministers would remove former prisoners if they faced torture or execution on their return.
As of early January 2007, 38 violent foreign prisoners were still on the run. It seems that John Reid has failed to get a grip on the fiasco. The Home Office can’t even deport prisoners who wish to be deported! Gurdev Singh Sheri, a convicted rapist remains today in a Welsh prison three years after the completion of his sentence, and actively wishes to be deported to his native India. The Home Office does nothing to assist him in that request.
Frankly, I care very little about the rights of foreign prisoners. The vast bulk of them should be deported whatever the dangers in their home nations. If the government wants to take public safety into account, the 1998 Human Rights Act, should be abolished as a first step. The government actually claims to be looking again at the Human Rights Act in light of recent cases which have seen moves to deport foreign nationals blocked because of the legislation.
The truth is, Labour got us into this mess. So it's hard to see how they can get us out of it. Last year, David Cameron said the "interaction of the Human Rights Act and the participation in the European Convention of Human Rights made it impossible to expel them from the country”. Cameron vowed to bin the act and replace it with a bill of rights which enshrined the nation's set of values and freedom rights. We should hold him to that promise….Interestingly, while Reid and the Home Office are still failing over the deportation of foreign prisoners, they have become unnecessarily aggressive on the deportation of legitimate asylum seekers. An easy way to spike up official stats on deportation numbers, perhaps. Go figure.....