Saturday, January 20, 2007

Turner gets nicked, Puttnam rants....

Yesterday’s arrest of Ruth Turner, who acts as Mr Blair's "gatekeeper" inside No 10, continues to provoke a sharp response from Labour loyalists. Indeed, Downing Street and its allies are choking on their fair trade coffee this morning. Lord Puttnam, a prominent Labour luvvie and intimate of TB, said Miss Turner was a woman of "complete probity". Indeed, His Lordship is positively scandalised about the heavy-handed tactics of Plod and has accused the police of theatrics for staging an early-morning arrest at Turner’s home: "What about turning up at 9 o'clock, or what about phoning and saying: 'I wonder if you'd mind coming into the police station, we'd like to talk to you'?” Like drop by the station for an espresso and a manicure sometime after say 2 o’clock. If it wouldn’t be too inconvenient… The Lord Puttnam clearly fails to understand that this is the most serious political corruption inquiry for more than 70 years.
You might be interested to know that Lord Puttnam gave more than £5000 to the Labour Party in 1997 and…. received his peerage in the same year. Talk about complete probity.


CityUnslicker said...

quite right. I think the Labour party have made a big mistake in starting to question the police today.

Blown the story up even more.


Newmania said...

Ouch a stiff jab to the solar plexus there IT. A few things I "enjoy " here.

Lets go through the round window to a land long ago when Tony Blair’s moral outrage at "Tory sleaze" was the genesis of the journalistic oevre. Then it was isolated MP`s at a low level but with New Lab they are riddled with the cancer,. The funding of the Labour party , £4,500,000 from Mittal sahib and so on is terrifying to behold .Can anyone believe this came free , is it conceivable that the Blair “kitchen cabinet “ are unaware of his view and of course they are supporting Mz Tuner vociferously hmm?The tax breaks given to contributing Unions are oddly symmetrical with the scale of their contributions and ,…much more.
Come to think of it how is it possible that trade Unions remain in the position that they do . Many of the members have little choice especially in the Public sector and I see no reason why it should not be subject to an individual cap. This , oh goody , the Conservative Party have frequently said they would be happy with and I am unable see any decent argument against it .

Years ago this problem was one that turned many irrevocably against the labour Party at the time of the mining Union`s "administration." We have got so used to its naked ccorruption that we foget to point out the lack of clothing .

Armani suited spivs!
David Cameron may not have the policy agenda everyone would ideally like but I at least trust him on the constitution and poltical probity.

He`s a toff , a bit of breeding y`know

Ellee said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what else develops from this, it's certainly good stuff.

Istanbul Tory said...

Exactly, N. How dare they try to vilify the police because one of their members is arrested. They had no problem with police procedure prior to this....