Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Return of the non-gay badger watcher

Ron Davies, the former Secretary of State for Wales, who quit the Cabinet in 1998 over his "moment of madness" on Clapham Common looks set for a political resurrection. Mr Davies is, of course, also well-known for his keen interest in badgers. He claimed to be looking for badgers after being snapped at a well-known gay cruising spot in 2003. I certainly wish him the best of British in the upcoming Assembly elections. As I am sure TB would too. How the Dear Leader must despair of the Welsh

It was Davies who once said that “devolution in a process, not an event” and devolution has certainly shown no signs of standing still over the past nine years. That’s certainly the case North of the border where the SNP looks set to be largest party in the Scottish Parliament after May's elections, according to a new poll. The Channel 4/YouGov poll puts the SNP on 33% of the constituency vote, with Labour on 31%. The party also has a healthy five-point lead in the regional vote.
Blair clearly regards devolution as one of the most significant elements of his (distinctly shabby)legacy. It may turn out to be so…but not quite in the ways he had expected.

Scottish Executive report shows Scotland has an £11 billion financial "black hole"….


Ellee said...

Ron Davies can wish away for all he likes, I don't think it will get him very far.

CityUnslicker said...

I hope you meant to put TB and badgers in the same paragrapgh....

yuvakuran said...

I wonder if it is easier or difficult to review British political affairs from Istanbul. Please advise

istanbultory said...

Perhaps easier. I can take the wide view. And maintain the highest standards of neutrality and non-partisanship. I think my consistently objective commentary on our beloved PM, that nice Mr Blair, will confirm the latter.