Thursday, January 18, 2007

Never mind the mass murder….

Will Hutton has gone insane. The man has an article in today’s Guardian that almost defies rational analysis. His demented argument (if indeed it can be represented as a line of argument at all) appears to be that Chairman Mao, despite his “monstrous crimes”, wasn’t all bad. "Nobody wants to be an apologist for Mao" begins Hutton But then, of course, he goes on to do precisely that. Well, Mao, it seems was a bit of a reformer on the quiet, pursuing a sort of oriental “Third way”. The chairman was a NuLabour forerunner if you like. Under Mao:

‘....Industrial output climbed 13-fold, albeit from a tiny base. The rail network doubled. Half of Chinese land became irrigated. There was a dramatic lowering of illiteracy. Near universal healthcare was established. Life expectancy rose; and despite Mao's appetite for imperial-style concubines, women were given the same right to petition for divorce and education as men. Their position was transformed….’

It is estimated that Mao caused the deaths of 70 million Chinese.In his youth, Mao was fond of saying, "People like me have a duty to ourselves; we have no duty to other people." Mao must have firmly believed this. There is little else that could explain his tranquility in the face of the suffering triggered by his policies. Chinese government figures show that by 1960, the average Chinese was eating about 1,500 calories a day - a diet equivalent to that of slave-laborers at Auschwitz. Mao, like Stalin, indisputably murdered more people than Hitler. The bulk of the deaths for which Mao was responsible stemmed from the famines caused by his mad agricultural collectivization program.

In short, Hutton argues that the crimes of communist China's founder shouldn't “blind us to achievements which paved the way for its current modernisation”. By the same token, I suppose Hitler laid the foundations of modern Germany by reviving the economy, building the Autobahns and getting rid of those frightful Jews.
Doctor! More Lithium here please!
The Left-wing thinker- don’t you just despair?


Voyager said...

Hutton is following the path of fellow Leftie Martin Jacques in the same freesheet.

You have to be charming about the Chinese Mafia or they won't give you a visa. Hutton is just being a cheerleader for those fund managers that need a good marketing story for all the dodgy investments in "The Mysterious Orient" which bring such unheard of riches.

Hutton is a typical Socialist heaping praise on refined Chinese dung but castigating finest Western bone china.

It is his utter insignificance we should marvel. He wrote the script for Tony's 1997 Election but has never updated "The State We're In" to show how well it all turned out.

Myself, I hear little praise for Chinese Govt policies on the Media from those writing panegyrics to the great Chinese Miracle of turning the world's natural resources into underpriced unrecyclable junk

Serf said...

He wrote the script for Tony's 1997 Election but has never updated "The State We're In" to show how well it all turned out.

James Bartholomew did it for him.

I wonder why lefties think industrialisation is a good thing.

Here's why I think it is:
1) Huge amounts of value are created
2) Millions get better jobs
3) Products become cheaper / more available
4) Quality of life improves

If step 4 doesn't happen, then all the rest is worthless. Enslaving people for the sake of industrialising is therefore pointless, as well as immoral.

Newmania said...

There is always a temptation to ascribe good things to some "crucible" experience it somehow suits our sense drama .
I read a most interesting book revising the commonly held assumption that the Firts World War propelled the world towards the modern age . In fact it delayed processes already at work.
I reacall vagauely thinking much the same error ran through "The State We Are In."
It was very much the book of a journillist.By picking up the detrius and old boots at the surface he hoped to divine the currents beneath. This only works the other way round. It was a silly book which I, of course , enjoyed.

This strikes me as a similiarly silly article making the same mistake . Incidentally it does seem to me that the growth of the global economy has been responsible for the growth of our economy rather than domestic policy. Conservatives should look at comparative growth figures as we do in education . This myth of Broon economic competetence must be deflated

Another great post IT. How are you going to run for Matyor and remain bothe in Turkey and in cognito ? Hmmmm? Prithee tell

istanbultory said...

As far as Hotton goes, this is the familiar leftist double-standard. Collectivist regimes, which get most things wrong, are praised to the sky for getting a few things right (usually adult literacy,etc). Liberal democracies, which get most things right, are utterly demonized for getting a few things wrong.

I'd have thought that Hutton and Jacques would be more into Hugo Chavez and his brand of Salsa Stalinism than the grim, blood-stained apparatchiks who rule in Beijing. Lefty intellectuals have never been able to resist Stalinist thugs....its a fatal attraction for them.

My application for the London mayoral race hasn’t a hope in hell. In in any case, I ‘m not coming until home to Blighty until the NuLabour command and control Project has been reduced to dust and ashes.
So not before 2009. I rather hoped you would consider for Deputy Mayor once you have won. Whatever happened to “Shagger Norris”?

Snafu said...

Tragically, the left always 'forgive' death squads when the Government is left-wing. You even get some people in Russia longing for another 'strong' leader like Stalin!

Ellee said...

Everyone has their good side, but it's the deeds they are remembered for that count. Fortunately, we are not that easily convinced, neither are the historians.

Colin said...

"the left always 'forgive' death squads when the Government is left-wing."

Precisely. I am always surprised about the lack of any attempt to be at least somewhat objective. And it seems to me that the cause is the primitive tribal instinct. Right or wrong, it's my tribe.

The left always accuse others of nationalism, racism etc. However, the apologies of the left for the crimes of their ideological tribe isn't any different. This kind of behavior is the result of the group instinct already observed in chimps.

Peter Hitchens said...

I blame everything on the jews (usualy after 23;00hrs)
Mr Istanbaul how on earth did you wash up in Turkey?
I know why some chaps go there*coughs* but in your case there is a Mrs Istanbul.

istanbultory said...

I could only stomach 3 months of Blairite rule and promptly scarpered. As for Turkey, it wasn't the lure of sodomy that brought me to these parts. But rather a love of making large amounts of money and a comfortable life style in warmer climes. You see I'm something of a capitalist blood-sucker and the Third World offers rich pickings to the likes of me.