Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The EU gets into banning mode

Yesterday, at a meeting in Dresden, Brigitte Zypries, the German justice minister, demanded that Holocaust denial and the sporting of Nazi symbols be criminalised across the EU.
"We believe there are limits to freedom of expression," said Mrs Zypries. A disturbing choice of phrase from our German friend. The European commission says that in a time of growing Islamophobia, racism, and hostility to foreigners across Europe, a decision to criminalise nazi symbols would send a strong signal.
In early 2005, the European Commission rejected a call by a former Lithuanian President and a Hungarian MEP for a proposed Europe-wide ban on Nazi symbols to be extended to also cover Communist Party symbols. At the time, EU justice commissioner Franco Frattini said it would not be appropriate to include the hammer and sickle, and the Communist red star, in a draft EU law on racism banning the Swastika. So apparently some totalitarian symbols are more dangerous than others….. Wouldn’t it be better for Europe to condemn on equal terms the evils of communism and Nazism? Isn’t every victim of a totalitarian regime equal in dignity and deserving of justice? Of course, many EU politicians have been “comradely” with communists in various countries or were communists themselves at some point. And then there’s the EU’s tortured relations with China and Cuba to consider…
In a more general sense, a pan-European ban would represent yet another infringement of freedom of speech and might be better left to national governments. For that reason, if no other, we should oppose a ban. Even holocaust deniers, sad, demented loons that they are, should be allowed to express their pathetic views.


Voyager said...

You would have done well to consider the plans to harmonise Divorce, Marriage, Inheritance and Child Support across the EU which was also on the agenda of the 65 Ministes present.

So too is the Prum Treaty of May 2005 which they want to extend to share DNA databases, car databases, and all police databases across the EU so the friendly chap in Romania can see how your car matches up to your medical state as he extorts his gratuities

Newmania said...

This is really good .It actually tells me things I don`t know ( rare) . Not for much longer though as they wil be stashed into files forwith.
I also picked up the divorce rule but thought it had been rejected.

Are you really a Mayoral candidate ? Or , like me , is it a futile gesture

Newmania said...

Ho ho you read alot of the same things I do. I `ve just everything here and its terrific. What I like is that uits not all for effect.

Your skills exceed mine though i can`t link and like Nick Drew I flounder in apaper storm of cuttings.

Note to self READ A FUCKING BOOK !!

Serf said...

Arrogant Bitch. Everyone must comply with German law.

nick drew said...

Mania where else are you broadcasting my manifold weaknesses & disorders? I shall need to mind out when you around, sort of mental equivalent of "backs to the wall"

Voyager said...

EU Aktiv


Voyager said...

Take a gander

The aim of the new rules is to grant European citizens not only greater legal certainty and predictability, but also greater freedom and flexibility concerning the way they choose to organise their relationships in terms of family law. The objective is thus to strengthen the autonomy of the parties also in the fields of family and succession law. Whilst the Member States are united in their objective, opinions differ as to how best to achieve it. The majority of the Ministers of Justice hold the view that the aim is not only to improve the international procedural rules applicable to cross-border cases, but also to harmonise private international law in the areas of family and succession law.

However, a number of Justice Ministers have voiced some concerns insofar as this goal of creating uniform rules of private international law would entail their courts having to apply foreign law. These concerns are to a certain degree influenced by the fact that, especially in the areas of family and succession law, Member States' legislation is shaped by their own particular cultures and traditions.

JHA Council President and Federal Minister of Justice, Brigitte Zypries.

Oh I am pleased to see Britain is represented by Joan Ryan and Cathy Ashton

Colin said...


Thank you for the article and also Voyager for his interesting comments. The new action doesn't surprise me at all. It is the usual game of politicians to distract the population from the real problems caused by their hidden agendas, i.e. the building of a socialist multicultural EU empire.

Mrs. Zypries is a good example for the hidden agenda of feminists in power. In her speech of 28.02.2005, Mrs. Zypries said: "And, therefore, the Federal Government has introduced in 1999 also the Gender Mainstreaming as an obligatory political goal."

Gender Mainstreamists postulate that biological sex is irrelevant, that a person's gender is a construct of society. The goal of the gender mainstreaming movement is to once again create a new human, this time by the destruction of the "traditional gender roles". History has shown what happened to freedom when the aim of the political "intelligentia" was to construct a new human, e.g. in Nazi Germany or in Soviet Russia.

The 4th Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing adopted in September 1995 an "action platform" which includes Gender Mainstreaming ("an active and visible policy of mainstreaming a gender perspective in all policies and programmes").

Already on the 22nd December 1995, the EU council adopted an action programme for "Mainstreaming" and established a "commissioner's group for equal opportunities".

Volker Zastrow suggests that Gender Mainstreaming is a political movement of lesbian women organised according to the Cadre principle. "Cadre policy wants to subject from above down at all state and social levels all decisions to its maxims. The institutions are filled by loyal cadres who apply everywhere a principle of "partiality"".

Mrs. Zypries is single and without children.

Her battle against Right-Wing Extremism is aimed at distracting from the real problems the EU is facing and a justification for ever tighter control of the population. The justification given for establishing the total control of the EU population is either islamic terrorism or right-wing extremism. And happily, both stimulate each other so that the proven principle of "divide et impera" helps to secure the power of the polical class and its privileges.

Beachhutman said...

The swastika as religeous symbol is widely used around the world. It will be quite impossible to enforce such a daft law, unless it is restricted to the form used in Nazi uniforms, and even here there were variations, and these also occur in religeous and other contexts.