Sunday, January 28, 2007

Eco-hysteria in Edinburgh

The end of the world is nigh reports, today’s Sunday Times. Climate change could soon make many parts of the planet uninhabitable. Perhaps Scotland could be at risk...
Scotland has, of course, become a by-word for big government and "agenda"-driven politics in recent years. So it's not surprisng that the People’s Republic of Caledonia has now decided to lead the way in the global hysteria over global climate change. Indeed, for this reason, Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth is to be shown in all Scottish secondary schools as part of a new plan to help pupils "understand" climate change.
Just a few days before the Scottish Executive’s announcement, the Wall Street Journal (not widely read within the corridors of power in Edinburgh, one suspects) contained a rather thought-provoking report by Flemming Rose, of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and Bjorn Lomborg, a professor at the Copenhagen Business School.
First, the costs associated with Gore's plan need to be explored, say Rose and Lomborg : The United Nations estimates that if we slowly change our greenhouse gas emissions over the coming century, we will live in a warmer but immensely richer world.
However, the U.N. Climate Panel suggests that if we follow Al Gore's path, by 2100 the average person will be 30 percent poorer.
Given the huge costs, it would be paramount to look at Gore's facts, which seem more convenient than accurate, says Rose and Lomborg: In his movie, Gore shows sequences of 20-feet flooding in Florida, San Francisco, New York, Beijing and others; yet the U.N. climate panel expects only a foot of sea-level rise over this century.
Gore also says global warming is bringing malaria to Nairobi; yet this is quite contrary to the World Health Organization's finding that Nairobi is considered free of malaria; but in the 1920s and 1930s, when temperatures were lower than today, malaria epidemics occurred regularly.
He also says heat waves will cost lives, but says nothing about the fact that avoided cold deaths far outweigh the number of heat deaths. In the United Kingdom, for example, it is estimated that 2,000 more will die from global warming, but 20,000 fewer will die of cold. Source
The facts are chilling if not so exciting as Gore's film. The truth is certainly inconvenient. If only the Scots knew it. As for Gore, he is no poster boy for the Green movement. He is a bland, self-satisfied blob of a hypocrite, criss-crossing the globe by Jet (citing his important work as an excuse), and preaching only to the already converted. He does not deserve our respect. He would have gone far in Scottish politics.....


Tejus Ramakrishnan said...

Al Gore is an idiot..

Peter Hitchens said...

Mr Instanbul
Not sure if you have ever visited Scotland but the place is uninhabitable, unless you happen to have four legs and enjoy eating heather( no Paul McCartney jokes please)and shitting halfway up a mountain in the middle of a force 10 gale.
I fucking hate the place even more than I hate wales, and trust me thats a whole lot of hate.

Newmania said...

Thats a very informative post IT. I mentioned recently that Al Gores big Picture of the snows leaving Kilimanjoro was because of deforestation , not warming as he claims

I see Scotland as the crucila area of British politics in many ways

John Clarkson said...

Although this response is not connected with the article you reviewed, forgive me, I have only just discovered your site.
As you and I are in a similar position - that of exiles in Turkey (in my case, Ankara) - can you tell me when it might be safe to go home?

istanbultory said...

John Clarkson,
Digressions are welcome especially when fellow exiles are the matter.
That said, exile in Ankara must be a fearful taste of purgatory. As for when it might be safe to go home, it depends on the pace and scale of Gordon's capacity to screw up. He's had plenty of practice.My bet is on a Tory return to Downing St. in late 2009. Back to Blighty in early 2010 for yours truly.

Serf said...

Surely Global Warming will make Scotland inhabitable (although the Scots will still be there). If I were in charge up there I would subsidize fossil fuels.

maxnewser said...

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