Tuesday, January 30, 2007

C'mon Dave, throw us some red meat....

David Cameron is right to warn that separatist Muslims who promote sharia law and demand special treatment for their faith are the "mirror image" of the British National party. Dave has also said that extremism and multiculturalism were among the divisive factors which made people feel ashamed of being British. Very true. To my way of thinking, the right to practice a particular religion, speak a particular language, follow a particular cultural practice is not a "public good" but rather a private freedom.

Writing in today's Guardian, Max Hastings believes that Britain is a social democratic country. If Cameron wins an election, it will be in spite of being called a Tory. Max doesn’t get it. Blair has single-handedly wiped out Labour's long term electoral prospects and Brown is fatally tainted by association. The facts of Blair/Brown's failures are there for all to see: leading the World by following Bush, cleaner than clean gambling, fanatical attachment to multiculturalism, uncontrolled immigration, poverty, and poor educational standards. David Cameron is in the fortunate position of being able to sit back and watch the labour government disintegrate. If the Conservatives can position around the right ideas then they will align with voters who are deeply frustrated that their aspirations have not been met after three Labour terms. Cameron doesn't need to come out with policies just yet but he does need to establish a recognisably Conservative tone as he has done on Muslim extremists and the multicultural lobby....Keep the red meat coming, Dave.


Newmania said...

The key point is the relation of those who vote to those who earn .There are far more of the Latter. Labour have presided over the regionalsisation of the UK and especially in Scotland , whole areas are addicted to benefits. They have been able to do this because of the super benign conditoinsncaused by huge world economic growth which has disguised the obvious pit falls .

Itts a tough trap to get out of and more like picking a lock than kicking a door . I am a fair way to the right of Cameron

So is he !!

Scotland is the KEY to future politics in this country

kinglear said...

Teach 'em English and make 'em speak it. Give 'em hope with a proper education system. Let people rise rather than keep them down. End the gerrymandering and you'll soon see the end of benefit dependancy

Anonymous said...

Cameron has sold out his party's principles. He is no more to be trusted than Blair.

Observer said...

who promote sharia law and demand special treatment for their faith are the "mirror image" of the British National party.

I know Cameron went to BNC but perhaps he could review his Philosophy notes and explain this assertion to me.

I frankly do not see apart from a rhetorical trick of triangulation anything informative in this comment.

It conveys no information and is glib and you could equally well say that the Liberal Party is akin to Stonewall or that the Conservatives are the mirror image of New Labour, ie a perfect relection

The man must start to engage his brain - I am afraid that he might have been doing so on this occasion and we can see how an Oxford place was wasted on educating someone beyond his intellectual capacity

Anonymous said...

Is the Islamo fascist mind set so dissimilar from that of the BNP member?

Colin said...

"The key point is the relation of those who vote to those who earn."

Precisely. More than 50% of the population receive some sort of benefit from government policies. They will become angry at any politician who takes something away and will vote for someone else who gives them more.

There doesn't seem to be a way out of this trap except the breakdown of the welfare system. Or am I wrong by missing another essential variable in voters behavior?

Colin said...


"Is the Islamo fascist mind set so dissimilar from that of the BNP member"

It isn't.

However, at this time in history, the former are attacking and the latter are on the defense. And the fate of societies is not decided by those who were right but by those who have won. If the attackers are going to win, you depend on their merci. Hence, the survival of the society as you know it, depends on its successful defense.

CityUnslicker said...

Colin is right re the issue of Labour building a strong vote from a dependency base (what did we expect, Blair learned about it from PLP/Union relationship after all).

IT - I hope Cameron 'comes out' at some point, but is biding his time. I see in Gove and others some excellent and thoughtful people. However, Osbourne and Maaude are his two other ally's and they are shamefully weak and social democratic.

I fear Cameron will get too muddled in his own mind, perhaps not, perhaps a thatched will emerge. I hope so becuase I don't want to vote for Farage, but I may have to.

Serf said...

I have long asked what the difference is between Sharia supporters and those who celebrate Hitler's birthday. Now we have a politician (more or less) asking the same question.

Verity said...

The BNP and Islamofascists have so much in common:
'...Serious concern was expressed by the Board of Deputies, members of parliament and the media at the inclusion of some members of Home Office taskforces appointed to examine extremism among young Muslims in the wake of the London July bombings. In particular the inclusion of Ahmad Thomson, a convert to Islam and Inayat Banglawala, the media spokesman of the Muslim Council of Britain, were thought to be inappropriate. In 1994 Thomson wrote a book called "The New World Order" in which he claimed that Freemasons and Jews conspired to colonize the Middle East and now controlled the governments of Europe and America. He also claimed that the international media and Hollywood were run by Jews and that the murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust was “a big lie.” Bunglawala has stated several times that Zionism is racism...'


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