Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No to the "Alliance of Civilizations"

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in New York on Monday for an Alliance of Civilizations meeting at the United Nations headquarters.
The “Alliance of Civilizations" initiative is (in theory)designed to "advance mutual respect for religious beliefs and traditions and to reaffirm humankind's interdependence in all areas." 18 countries have pledged their support to the Project so far including (cough) Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Senegal, Iran, and Saudi Arabia as well as the usual Euro dhimmis. Blair is, of course, a great supporter.
A front-page report by the mainstream Turkish daily Hurriyet, on July 19th 2005 elaborated on this Alliance of Civilisations stuff :
"[…] If a global consensus is reached for the 'Alliance of Civilizations' project, work will begin for the establishment of a 'World Parliament' under U.N. leadership.
" A high-level group of 18 to 20 prominent intellectuals will prepare for the U.N. a 'road map' for action. Annan is expected to disclose the names of the members he has appointed to this Commission […].
A World Parliament???
Former prime minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar has rightly defined the 'Alliance of Civilizations' initiative undertaken by his successor Zapatero and PM Erdogan as 'nonsense.' In a statement to The Spectator last year Aznar said, "The 'Alliance of Civilizations' initiative is nonsensical. The only alliance of importance to us [i.e. Spain] is the Atlantic Alliance' […]"Full marks to Aznar. An “Alliance to rescue Western Civilisation from the current buffoons who rule over us” would perhaps seem more appropriate.


Newmania said...

Soory Mr. Istanbul I don`t oftejn look in , just popped over to thank you for supporting PHITCH. JHL appears proffesionally litigous and I don`thave to tiem or money to get involved.

While i `m here i shall of course have look at your blog


Anonymous said...

THe idea of a world parliamnet is truly disturbing, we have enough difficulty holding TB to account for all of his underhand dealings.

Several years ago we all thought David Icke was a nutter over his son of God commnets. He did however mention the plan for a new world order. If the World parliament comes to pass, might we start calling him the next Nostradamus?

Anonymous said...

Question for Mr Erdo─čan.

Does an alliance of civilisations include Kurds, Alevis, Turkish Armenians......? Does it include respecting the rights of Atheists, Wine Drinkers, Apostates and your critics?

Question to everyone else involved

Are you really stupid enough to believe in the idea of world government, or is it just an ego trip?

Don't bother to answer, either way you are not fit to hold any kind of office.

istanbultory said...

Welcome Mr Newmania. I too would like to avoid litigation so am restraining myself...with difficulty.

Welcome Mr Buster George,
I'm not one for conspiracy theories but this World Parliament bollocks is under active discussion under the auspices of the "Alliance for Civilisation".... cripes, frightening stuff innit? Not a peep out of the conventional dead tree media, needless to say.

And Serf. A point well made. Apostates probably not Tayyip's type.

Anonymous said...

However, such fanciful notions as this are surely designed to build airmles accounts and waistlines fo said ministers involved.

This will come to the same end as the cold war, 'non-aligned' movement.

It is, however, quite funny.

istanbultory said...

Indeed, Mr Cityunslicker. Talk about riding the gravy train....

Croydonian said...

I did a mini hatchet job on it a while

Ellee said...

Turkey is going to have its work cut out next year:


And thanks, btw, very merry Xmas.

istanbultory said...

Mr C- ahead of the crowd as ever.
Ellee- cheers. The Turks have given up hope on the EU. The political scene is very tense in Turkey at the moment. 2007 looks set to be a rough ride....

Colin said...

Shouldn't the correct name be "World Alliance of Rent Seekers"?