Tuesday, December 26, 2006

EU set to waste more money (believe it or not)

As of January 1 2007,Irish will formally become the 21st official European language to be given equal status within the EU. Gaelige can be used during debates and to translate all official documents from the EU. Gaining official status in Europe for the language will, interestingly enough, point to the near total failure to promote it at home.....According to census figures released by the Irish Central Statistics Office in 2004, out of the Republic's more than 4.3 million citizens there were approximately 1.6 million people claiming a self-reported competence in Irish. Of these, only 350,000 reported using Irish every day.
Translation costs for the EU's 20 official languages have already been spiraling out of control. In January 2005, officials said the amount was set to come close to two billion quid following the entry in 2004 of 10 new EU members.
For 2007, the cost of Irish translation in the Commission is estimated to be around €302m. Money well spent, I’m sure you would readily agree....And the insanity doesn't end there.For the EU's self-proclaimed "top 10 achievements in 2006" go here and expect to be wildly impressed.


Voyager said...

I was hoping more dialects might get a look in - Bavarian, Romany, Catalan............the European Union is too lacking in diversity

istanbultory said...

Why not Welsh too?

Croydonian said...

And I've posted hatchet jobs on two of those achievements....

Apparently they are more Cantonese than Gaelic speakers in the Orkneys, although it might be the Shetlands.

istanbultory said...

And to think the EU's budget in 2006 amounted to a mere €112 billion. Those 10 achievements clearly add to up a very effective use of financial resources.

Colin said...

EU :-)

Does anybody know a link to an Irish blog?

Anonymous said...

I had a critical look at the top ten.


Anonymous said...

Why would I want an EU based sat-nav system?

Being a typical bloke I simply give the map to my girlfriend, ignore everything she tells me and make up the directins as I go. This makes me as accurate as an American smart bomb and therfore twice as likely to find my target.

The only thing that this is likely to be used for is to help MEP's find the bar a bit quicker.

Colin said...

Buster George,

The EU wrote "In the technology field, the EU has been developing its own satellite navigation system, Galileo. In January 2006, the system received its first test signals from an experimental satellite sent into orbit at the end of 2005. Consisting of a constellation of 30 satellites, Galileo is set to become fully operational in 2008, providing navigation assistance to land, sea and air traffic as well as to travellers around the world."

For travellers around the world, the US system is already available. The EU doesn't launch the expensive Galileo system for providing travellers with a second system. The aim is to make the EU military independent of the American system.

Here the link: European Union Approves Military Acess to Encrypted Galileo Signal

Why would the EU military need an independent system?

For the wars of the new superstate?

Anonymous said...

Maybe in 2007 we will see Scotland declare independence and add to this list with the needs of its own dialect.

Idiocy of this nature can only hasten the decline of the EU.