Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thou Shalt conform to NuLabour's will

Having long revered Orwell's '1984' & Huxley's 'Brave New World' as accurate works of prediction, consider NuLabour's latest attempts at social engineering. For instance, Tony Blair has just unveiled plans for nearly 80 "supernannies" to help parents tame unruly children. The Prime Minister said he would spend £4m introducing a national network of experts in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour at the root. Writing in the Sun, Mr Blair said "an overwhelming majority" of people would welcome outside assistance. But it's not just Blair. Proposals to tackle anti-social behaviour by forcing more parents to attend parenting classes are to be published soon. Home Secretary John Reid will outline plans to encourage the courts to order compulsory lessons in a wider number of cases. (Is it not without importance that unapologetic ex-Communist John Reid is now rated as 'conservative' in Labour's spectrum?)

The Left has done great damage to almost every aspect of life in Britain.That is not in doubt.The problem is how to halt this statist tide and reverse it- to challenge the left's total domination of society, thought and culture. Most of the British public are, as Orwell noted, largely apolitical-they do not think in the way the Left does. Thus, statism is here to stay for the foreseable future it would seem. And will prosper under Gordo. So long as people feel reasonably comfortable financially they're quite frankly not going to care that we live in a nanny state. (And how many of the electorate know our leaders are ex-commies?) Am I wrong? Oh lord I wish I was.

Hat tip to Martine Martin for the great picture!


Ellee said...

Lots of people aren't well off, and the situation will worsen, Iraq will worsen, there's plenty of reasons for people not to vote Labour again. But we have to convince them Conservative is the right option.

I love the pic, btw.

Anonymous said...


I loved this actually. Blair is shortly to leave office and this is a great joke on his part. I mean you could not make it up!

istanbultory said...

Yes, TB seems to be off on a bit of a control freakery tangent just now...