Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Snouts in troughs- Edinburgh-style

The Scottish Parliament is planning to pay out more than £1 million to MSPs who lose their seats or stand down after next year's Holyrood election. Those Members who will not be returning will qualify for a "resettlement grant" of £26,113, which is 50 per cent of their final salary.
Former MSPs are also entitled to reclaim up to £19,500 for settling with their staff and closing offices, though the money does not go to them personally.
This latest move by the Scottish Executive comes only a few days after McConnell and Jim Wallace, the Deputy First Minister proposed peerages for former first ministers and their deputies. The Labour MSP contingent are obviously worried about the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2007. Tony Blair will, of course, still be in office next May. Many Labour MSP’s will pay the price. Incidentally, the European Parliament’s deal for MEP’s who are not re-elected is even worse with politicians leaving with a £120K handshake plus relocation etc. The thought of those poor politicians- out of a job and down on their luck-my heart goes out to them all.


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Croydonian said...

Hmm. I would not have thought that peerages were in the gift of the 'wee pretendy parliament' ((C)W Connolly).

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the WWF stat a "Save The Politicians" campaign.

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