Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NuLabour...more dangerous than ever.

"In 2006 it is harder to find out what is going on in government than it was 10 years ago," said Sir Christopher Meyer, the chairman of the British Press Complaints Commission.A combination of changes to the law and the way channels of communication between the government and journalists had altered under New Labour and had led to it becoming harder for the press to report on those in power, he said.

In 1987, the Australian sociologist Alex Carey, wrote "Managing Public Opinion: The Corporate Offensive." He described how in the United States "great progress [had been] made toward the ideal of a propaganda-managed democracy,". The power and meaning of true democracy, of the franchise itself, would be "transferred" to the propaganda of advertising, public relations, and corporate-run news. This "model of ideological control," he predicted, would be adopted by other countries, such as Britain.
And so it has.
Only last week did the Ministry of Defence lift its ban on ITN journalists being allowed access to frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The news broadcaster has now said it has been told there are "no further restrictions" on its reporters covering news from combat zones. The ITN chief executive Mark Wood said: "We are delighted to have reached agreement with the MoD so we can all move on…”
"The thought," wrote Arthur Miller, "that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable, and so the evidence has to be internally denied." And so it is. It's time to stand up and start causing trouble.


Ellee said...

I didn't know there was a ban, was there one against the BBC too? I like the Arthur Miller quote. We have to have free access to report on the true situation from Iraq, not gloss over it to save Blair's face.

Anonymous said...

CNN were also subject to restrictions by the US the same day- it appears to have been a concerted news management exercise by the political powers in the US/UK

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