Saturday, November 18, 2006

NuLabour Loyalist gets disloyal

Margaret Hodge, a long-time ally of TB, indeed, one of the original “Tony's cronys” and friend of the lovely Cherie has made a markedly traitorous attack on her one time Islington neighbour.

The Guardian reports that on Thursday, Hodge told a private dinner organised by the Fabian Society that she had doubted Mr Blair's approach to foreign affairs as far back as 1998, because of his belief in imposing British values and ideas on other countries- what she referred to as his 'moral imperialism'. Well, I certainly am not going to dispute the validity of that particular claim.
A Downing Street spokesman said he knew nothing of the reported comments. "Margaret Hodge voted for military action in Iraq. Since then, she has always spoken in favour of it…” he said.

Now, Hodge has a very long career in both political failure and unswerving loyalty to the Blairite tendency.many will remember that Hodge was notorious for her gross incompetence as leader of Islington council between ’82 and ’92(where she was fondly known as “Margaret Hoxha” after the former Stalinist dictator of Albania, Enver Hoxha). Hodge presided over a living hell for many terrified children in 'care' homes.Neverthesless, Blair rewarded his old friend by appointing Hodge to a succession of ministerial jobs after 1998, most controversially as Childrens Minister in 2002-2004. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown referred to her as "...Cold-blooded, narcissistic and blatantly insincere, she is not fit for this vital portfolio..." Privacy International later awarded Margaret Hodge the 2004 Big Brother Award for "Worst Public Servant" for her backing of controversial initiatives including the Universal Child Database...
Before the 2006 local elections Hodge said that eight out of 10 white people in her east London constituency of Barking were threatening to vote for the far-Right party in the May local elections. On 24 May 2006 the GMB Union wrote to Margaret Hodge asking her to resign "... because of Margaret Hodge giving so much publicity to the BNP which allowed them to win a large number of seats...".
According to a BBC report, Margaret Hodge apparently told a fringe meeting at the 2006 Labour conference that "Mondeo Man and Worcester Woman did not understand what we thought [Cameron] was about" and that the message of the Dave the Chameleon ads was too sophisticated for Barking voters...

Now, it is of some importance that the "Original Tony's Crony" is abandoning TB in the dying days of his premiership. She had “doubts” about the PM as long ago as 1998. Those doubts didn’t, however, prevent her from taking a succession of ministerial jobs from her old friend in the meantime. For Tony the game is up. We can only hope the same is true for the repulsively opportunistic and overly-promoted Hodge. But will Hodge resign or be pushed out of her ministerial job I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Everything said about Hodge is right; she is repulsive on so many levels, both physically and mentally.

Yes, she is abandoning the sinking ship and knifing Bliar, but think laterally...what does this say about Brown?

Does none of the Labour party, minions or hierarchy, want Brown to succeed? If not, why not?

I think these are the more important and interesting questions.

vikki said...

Etu Hoxha?

istanbultory said...

When NuLabour lick spittle such as Hoxha are jumping ship, you can argue that the nuLabour project is really in its death throes.