Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More German idiocy….

Yesterday, it was the German ambassador to Ankara acting like a complete arse. Today yet more evidence of similarly deluded thinking from another German source. European Parliament member and leading German Green, Cem Ozdemir has stated that MEPs backing Turkey’s EU membership “favour”the ruling (very, very Pro-Islamist) Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its actions.
Meeting with a group of Turkish journalists, Ozdemir said there were many more things to discuss with the AKP than there were with Republican People’s Party (CHP), the intensely secular, pro-Western main opposition party. He lavished praise on the Turkish government’s “brave steps.” These jerks know very little of the reality of the shifts and currents coursing through Turkish society at the moment.They would do well to err on the side of silence.


Ellee said...

I thought Turkish citizens had a very tough time working in Germany, I remember seeing a TV programme about how cruelly treated they were, I didn't think there was any love lost between these two countries. When did they kiss and make up?

CityUnslicker said...

Probably when the turkish vote became important for locl politico's in Germany Ellee.

I do wish MEP's would stay out of commenting on national politics.

It's not exactly what they were elected for is it!

istanbultory said...

The Turkish vote is critically important in Germany. Without the Social Democrats/Greens would have lost the 2002 parliamentary elections.
Ellee, I remember that film. It was pretty incredible, made about 20 years ago by a journalist, Gunter Wallrauf. I think the name of the documentary was "Lowest of the Low".

Anonymous said...

I thought Turkish citizens had a very tough time working in Germany

I don't think that is true - enough work at Ford, BMW, Daimler, VW so I guess they are badly paid and exploited like the UAW in the USA

Colin said...

Cem Ozdemir is the son of Turkish immigrants and was MP for the Green party in order to attract Turkish votes. When it was discovered that he had received an extraordinarily advantageous "credit" from a lobbyist, he left the German parliament and became MEP.

Günter Wallraff is an investigative German journalist who earned his living from uncovering the evilness of capitalism. For example, he worked at McDonalds and uncovered that the salary is rather low. He also worked disguised as Turk Ali for a company cleaning chemical tanks and uncovered that the job was dirty, dangerous and that he was not treated kindly.

It’s a multicultural remake of the old socialist fairy tale that workers are exploited by evil capitalists. Workers are not stupid. Like everybody else, they choose the best job they can get. Migrants left voluntarily their home towns because they were not satisfied with their situation. How can the acceptance of a better job than they had before be exploitation? If "Ali" had the abilities of Bill Gates, he would be rich because his customers would have to pay him more for his services.

"I thought Turkish citizens had a very tough time working in Germany, I remember seeing a TV programme about how cruelly treated they were,"

Like everybody else, Turkish citizens living in Germany have access to free college and university education. The brightest became engineers, medical doctors etc. Unfortunately, 30% of the children from Turkish immigrants don't get any school certificate because they are unable to understand a written text or perform the most rudimentary arithmetics. Turkish girls are better at school than Turkish boys. These uneducated immigrants are living from welfare benefits sometimes already in the third generation. Many are desinterested in education because they don't see how they could obtain a higher salary by working.

Every year, farmers are hiring workers from Poland for harvesting asparagus because Germans and Turks living from welfare benefits refuse to do the work.

Professor Faruk Şen, born 1948 in Ankara and now director of the Centre for Turkey Studies in Germany, "complains that one third of Turkish Muslims are living below the poverty line" and he threatens "If joblessness and poverty increases, especially among young migrants, riots cannot be excluded.” In other words, give us more money or you will be sorry.

Istanbultory, I am wondering whether the jobless people in Turkey are also threatening the Turkish government with riots or do they rather prefer to migrate to the welfare states of the EU?

Serf said...

I posted on a similar topic.

I think that this is another example of the unholy alliance between Islamists and Leftists. As an idiot Green, Mr Özdemir would be given short shrift in Turkish politics and I am sure he knows it. This is his revenge against the Turkish Establishment.