Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blair's a loser...according to Bryan Gould

Time for a trip down memory lane. Remember Bryan Gould. Who? Bryan Gould, the former Labour MP and Labour leadership hopeful. Bryan clearly isn’t too enamoured of Emily (for those who still don’t know-TB was nicknamed "Emily" at school).
According to Gould "Tony has lost it, he's living in a world of his own, and - as most will say - he's deluded on Iraq." As far as Mr Gould is concerned, Labour wasted the "unparalleled opportunity for change" it gained in 1997.
"We had a charismatic, popular, young leader, with a huge majority in Parliament and, arguably, Thatcherism had run its course. "It was a real chance to begin a transformation of society," he told the BBC News website from his native New Zealand, where he has lived since 1994. "It's not that he (TB) lacks principles (although he clearly doesn’t have too many of them), but he lacks politics….Blair always pitched to the public with 'trust me', but then Iraq came along, by which time he had become arrogant - and that will be the end of him…"
Yup, Bryan is right. TB has blown it. ‘Time for him to depart the scene (Good riddance) and make way for the Caledonian chap with “psychological flaws”. As I am sure Bryan Gould would agree. Incidentally, after leaving the UK, Bryan returned to New Zealand as Vice-Chancellor of Waikato University. He stepped down from the University at the end of 2004.He is currently a director of Television New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

A loser and a right cunt an'all

Anonymous said...

Well he is being politic enough, in burying news on ID cards and Goldsmith not standing aside in Cash for Peerages on the day everybody is distracted by Sadaam Hussein. He will be a danger to the common good until he is shown the door.

Anonymous said...

Why has it taken so long for people to see it?

In 1996, a year before the election that saw him get power, I said he was a slimy fucker and nothing to do with Labour...I said he was in it for the power and position. That's why he has always been obsessed with his place in history, which is why he's trying to cling on to beat Thatcher's time in office.

This fucker will sink into obscurity as everything bad and corrupt about New labour comes out...Brown and his successors, I have no doubt, will dump it all on Bliar, and rightly so.

He is a disaster and always has been that's fucked everything up he's touched.

The pity is that it's taken the mongs this long to realise.....and as for Labour supporters...those fucking idiots who still now are clinging on to their delusions.

Croydonian said...

I was always impressed by Gould - an absolutely ruthless political operator.

I am convinced that if the Labour party had chosen the Kiwi street fighter over the yawn inducing Smith they could have broken the Tory party over Maastricht etc, and waltzed into government a lot sooner. Instead Smith was naive enough to allow 'principles' to stand in the way of practical politics.

Ellee said...

I've been told that more Labour MPs than Conservative MPss hate Tony Blair, especially the traditional lefties, you can understand why, can't you? He must feel very isolated.

istanbultory said...

Guthrum-He is a danger to his country
Shotgun-I wish we all could have been prescient as you. I always had suspicions that Blair was slightly unhinged but never could I have foreseen the whole Iraq debacle.and I agree. labour will blame him for everything that they have ever done wrong-he will be airbrushed out of their history with surprising rapidity.
Croydonian-Kiwi street fighter

istanbultory said...

Apologies. Istanbul is being hit fierce storms and intermittent power outages....

As I was saying,
Croydonian- The Kiwi chap should have stayed and fought his corner. Somehow or other he would have made it into Cabinet after '97 and perhaps would have been a formidable Deputy PM candidate for the Post-prezza era.

You are right. He is isolated. Only about a third of the parliamentary Labour Party are actively Blairite. The other two-thirds either loathe him or were merely prepared to tolerate his election winning -ways so far. His time is up....

C4' said...

I saw through Blair's act in 1996. I warned everyone that the man was dangerous, but they wouldn't have it, would they? They branded me a crank!

As much as I hate to say it, "I told you so!"

Anonymous said...

Shotgun-I wish we all could have been prescient as you. I always had suspicions that Blair was slightly unhinged but never could I have foreseen the whole Iraq debacle.and I agree. labour will blame him for everything that they have ever done wrong-he will be airbrushed out of their history with surprising rapidity.

Bliars history convinced me he was dishonest and only with Labour because he saw them as the vehicle to get power. He always was a Tory, as was his father a staunch Tory who only gave up membership of the Tory party when Bliar became leader of Labour. Bliar at university was president of the young tories there. He only went to Labour for two reasons; forstly, because he was knocked back from a safe Tory seat and second because he was promised a safe seat from Labour by Tony Benn when he mentored him through CND membership. Look at the people around him...Goldsmith, Falconer etc. etc. etc. all ex-Tories but basically failures because of a lack of character.

My brother was and still is a real red militant Labour councillor in Dundee and he loved Bliar because he saw his as getting Labour into power, but could he discuss Bliars qualities as a leader of Labour? Nope.

Iraq was bound to happen too because Bliar was determined to take the UK into a major conflict abroad Look at Sebia and Afghanistan and other smaller conflicts. He was determined to see himself on the world stage as a war leader because that is the only kind of leader that has a place in history. Northern Ireland, of which I have a lot of experience on the ground, was a total cock-up and nothing more than sheer hypocrisy; Major started it off and was doing the right thing, and Bliar has basically finished by giving the IRA everything they want ecept for direct independence, and I mean EVERYTHING. The terrorists have won. How that square with his rhetoric on Iraq and Afghanistan?

Let's not forget a couple of facts here that should see him hung next to Saddam if the media in the UK had any balls. With Iraq Bliar SPECIFICALLY said that regime change must never be a reason for invasion, but that is all his rhetoric is now, justifying the invasion by claiming Saddam was toppled as a result. In Afghanistan the rhetoric is even worse because the Taleban...who he and Bush constantly claims is the main reason they are there, were a barabaric regime and needed to be stopped and kept from coming back. Let's not forget that 80% of all the drugs in the UK comes from Afghanistan, but the troops there have been told they must not destroy the poppy crops because it is their only income. The Taleban, would still be in power if they had captured and handed over Osama Bin what is the rhetoric worth when the US and Bliar would have been happy to see the Taleban remain in power if they had done as they were told with ONE MAN?

Bliar at home is a coward, and abroad is a gung ho incompetent, and his place in history is assured as a corrupt and incompetent PM, probably the worst in history.

I hope he is bankrupt soon because that seems to be his main goal; to accumulate wealth and position, and I hope he gets neither, along with that greedy bitch he is married to.

I could go on and on...ô¿ô

istanbultory said...

Indeed. I fear we have not heard the last of the lovely Cherie...

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