Monday, November 13, 2006

Belgian state to subsidise Islam. Will Britain be next?

Mosques in Belgium will begin to receive government funding next year. Muslims constitute about 5% of the Belgian population and 20% of the population of Brussels. Over 300,000 Belgium Muslims are of Moroccan ancestry and over 160,000 are Turkish.The Belgium government employs over 800 Imams and teachers who teach Islam and Arabic in schools.

Flemish integration minister Marino Keulen has announced that seven mosques will be eligible for state funding as of 2007. The Belgium Muslim Representation Association (not the Belgian state) will determine which mosques initially receive funding.

Integration minister Keulen noted that the funding currently allocated for mosques would only be enough for seven mosques in 2007. The imams of recognized mosques will be able to receive salaries like other religious ministers, and mosques will be eligible to receive additional money for repairs and restoration.

Imagine if the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), an umbrella body that claims to speak for Britain's 1.6m Muslims, were to have a say in which mosques were to receive state funding??? God forbid. Perhaps Belgian Muslims could fund their mosques -and I know this is pretty radical thinking- with their own financial means.
But naturally enough there is a problem on that score. The Protestant work ethic has failed to take root in much of Belgium's Muslim community. A chap by the name of M. A. Muqtedar Khan, a Muslim academic working at a US university, observed the following after a study trip to Belgium in 2005: Apparently some Belgian Muslims refused to look for jobs since the welfare check was normally 70% to 80% of the salary. For those who were married with children, welfare provided comfortable living and with low property values, even those on welfare could actually own homes.

Well, indeed. Why should a community so plainly enjoying the benefits of welfare be bothered to pay for the upkeep of their own mosques? And where have all the Saudi petro-dollars gone?

As for the United Kingdom, there are more than 500 mosques with official registration, which gives tax benefits and the right to perform recognized marriage ceremonies. There are probably another 500 unregistered mosques as well. Of the some 1,000 clerics, only about 30 were trained in the United Kingdom. 'cause for concern there I would say. Don't be surprised if the UK taxpayer ends up subsidising mosques as well.
The warning signs are already there. Just look across to Belgium.


Anonymous said...

Five years ago before this Government allowed the islamification of sections of Britain to go ahead, I might have said yes it could be that the UK will also fund muslim whatevers...

Now however I feel that political correctness and positive discrimination have had the opposite effect of what was intended, and the long suffering British public have, basically, had enough and will never allow it to happen.

Ellee said...

I don't think the Government pays towards our C of E churches, except through grants. It certainly doesn't fund new ones, so it is most unlikely to fund Mosques.

This was a very interesting read, I didn't realise the strong Muslim-Belgium link.

Colin said...

Since practically all governments in the EU are already financing the Churches to make them dependent, the future financing of Mosques is as certain as the Amen in the church. The financing of religion by the state appears to be a mechanism by which the native population pays for their own displacement via taxes: Land of the Naive Fools

Apparently some Belgian Muslims refused to look for jobs since the welfare check was normally 70% to 80% of the salary.

The same is true for Germany.

For those who were married with children, welfare provided comfortable living

Again in Germany, a jobless couple with three children receive more money from the state than if the father would get a paied job as a worker. As a result, there are entire families in the second or third generation living from welfare benefits.

even those on welfare could actually own homes

Several welfare recipients with large families from Anatolia, who bought homes, are known to me.

istanbultory said...

The long suffering British public have, indeed, had enough as Shotgun puts it. Indeed, yes. Blair/Brown have seen the near total loss of their once rock-solid Muslim constituency since 2003.Lets not call it direct state funding...but say NuLabour offer a bit of a grant to the Muslim community here, some money for Muslim schools there. It will all gradually add up. It's a slippery slope. They want the Muslim vote back. They'll do what they need to do in order to reclaim it...