Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Beckett has Hoon gagged and neutered

Relations between Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, and Geoff Hoon, the Europe Minister have hit rock-bottom according to The Times. Shergar wouldn’t even let Hoon answer questions on Europe in yesterday’s monthly Foreign and Commonwealth Office session in the Commons. Geoff Hoon thought that he was going to be co-Foreign secretary when TB demoted him last year after the general election. The Dear Leader certainly shafted him on that one...Mags rules the roost at the FCO and she intends for Hoon to submit himself to her will in the ministerial pecking order. Geoff, you allowed Tony to emasculate you after taking the heat for him on Iraq. That must hurt. But how could you be so naive as to believe that you were ever going to be Co-Foreign Sec with Shergar??And your political career will crash and burn forever when Gordo takes over. The tears are welling up in my eyes...You coulda been a Deputy Leadership contender!!


Voyager said...

Oh I don't know, Beckett is so abrasive that she will get into a real mess in the EU when Merkel and Steinmeier get stuck in after the New Year.............and Chirac has a few games to play before the May Election

Serf said...

They are partial to a bit of horse meat in some of those countries.

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