Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shock, horror… Mr. Tony up to no good again!!

TB has been accused of abusing his position by asking the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to stop Turkey’s courts imposing fines of $500 million,on a British company. In a “Dear Tayip” letter, dated June 26 of this year, Blair had the temerity to complain to the Turkish prime minister about the possibility of the fines being imposed. See here and here.


Ellee said...

Good story again Istanbul Tory, Blair should have known with his legal background. This goes against their culture and they would not appreciate outside interferece. The least Blair could have done was known how to correctly address his Turkish counterpart.

istanbultory said...

Thanks, Ellee. To put it mildly, Turks dislike interference from meddlesome foreigners. thta's why they can't handle the heat from the European Commission. One newspaper here opined "Blair makes an unethical proposal" as its front page headline. The Turks are genuinely disappointed with Emily as they do see him as a true supporter of Turkey in Europe. For a barrister, Bliar is capable of the most astounding legal gaffes....

Colin said...


"To put it mildly, Turks dislike interference from meddlesome foreigners"

This appears to be supported by recent news in Germany .

"Two weeks ago, Mrs. Deligöz, who was born in Turkey, has called upon Turkish women to abstain from using a scarf. Thereupon, Turkish newspapers called the Green politician a "Turkish Nazi" and a "disgrace for humanity". Because Deligöz received threats on her life, she is now protected by police since last week.

The new leader of the Green party, Mrs. Künast, has written to the Turkish embassador demanding clarification. In her letter, she has reminded that the "in part completely unacceptable reactions" are not in agreement "with the wishes of Turkey for EU accession".

Comment of a blogger:

"That's how they are, the Greens: First, demanding unlimited tolerance and then a sudden U-turn for getting the attention of the media. Forgotten is the fact that especially the Greens wanted to establish a completely undifferentiated multicultural society... Every critic was flatly accused of belonging to the right wing of society. These demagogic mud throwers are now protesting about the fruits of their sowing..."

Comment of another blogger:

"Being a regular reader of the Turkish press, I didn't see any agitational reports. Obviously, our MP doesn't tolerate criticism. A remark about Mrs. Künast's demands: Why should the Turkish government speak out on reports of the free press."

istanbultory said...

I suspect you are right. Tax evasion does not lie at the core of this issue.The ruling AKP's grassroots are disappointed that the government has been insufficiently Islamic in most areas of policy. If Tayyip takes a strong line on this issue, it will simultaneously appease his core supporters and nationalist critics of the EU accession process who claim that the prime minister has given too much away to Europe. Why should Tayyip want to help out the dear Leader, who is in any case a lame duck PM?

Serf said...

Having overheard a conversation between the head of a multinational drinks company and a senior British official, I can tell you that there is more to this than meets the eye.

The Islamist Turkish government is acting opportunistically again against those immoral purveyors of alcohol.

Their claim that there has been tax evasion is pretty weak, based simply on the fact that drinks companies sell to duty free shops at a price higher than they do to their normal importers. Apparently this is the same world wide (hence the fact that duty free is not 1/3 of supermarket prices).

istanbultory said...

I suspect you are right, Serf. In the run up to presidential and parliamentary elections in 2007, the Turkish PM badly needs to shore up his credibility with his Islamist core vote. I doubt if he will incline to offer any help to TB, who is, of course, a lame duck PM on his way out of power.

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