Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rising Tensions......

The Turkish Consumers Union has decided to boycott one French trademarked product every week in response to the Armenian genocide bill passed lat week in France. The boycott will start with the oil company Total and other French firms will be blacklisted each week on a rolling basis.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said "The parliament will meet on Tuesday with a special agenda and no one should doubt we have measures to take in every field". Gul urged that no one should harbor the conviction that Turkey would take the French Parliament’s decision lightly.In a separate development, the website of the General Staff of the Turkish Military today reported that, “A group of soldiers from an Armenian border unit committed a violation by shooting twice toward Turkish soil with no casualties or loss of property.”
Where will it all end?


Colin said...

"Gul urged that no one should harbor the conviction that Turkey would take the French Parliament’s decision lightly."

The French politicians appear to begin understanding that Germany and Turkey will become politically united (which I called Turkermanyor Turkermania elsewhere) if Germany is increasingly inhabited by Turkish people. And in consequence, Turkermania will become the leading power in the EU.

You asked "Where will it all end?"

Possibly in 50 or 100 years in another European war between an Arabian France and a Turkish Germany.

istanbultory said...

I see that Edmund Stoiber, the president of Bavaria and leader of the Christian Social Union Party (CSU) proposed yesterday that deliberations on Turkey’s possible acceptance into the European Union be ended. I can't see him signing up to Bavaria's integration with Turkey (God Forbid!)

Colin said...

The strategy of the CSU has been established by its former leader Franz Josef Strauss, who said there should never be a party gaining votes on the right side of the CSU. For avoiding to lose power, he and his successor Edmund Stoiber always adopted the main topics on the right side of the political spectrum winning the attention of the media by using strong words, e.g. opposition against the communists in East Germany, against the EURO, against high taxes, against Turkey etc.

In reality, Strauss organized credits for the communist government of East Germany, the former Chancellor to the Treasury (an influential member of the CSU) organized the introduction of the EURO, and Edmund Stoiber consented to the biggest tax increase in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. He knows very well that his proposal - to end the deliberations on Turkey’s possible acceptance into the EU - will have absolutely no effect.

istanbultory said...

Thanks Colin. that was an enlightening post. The German CDU/CSU seem hardly to be "Conservative" at all.What with their fondness for Unrestrained welfarism, penal taxation and Euro federalism. But then they were engineered into existence by the post-war Allies from the shell of the old Centre Party. Hardly Conservative roots.
Thus, Stoiber's words are not necessarily to be taken at face value.