Sunday, October 22, 2006

O.J Simpson could inspire Blair

I'm not implying that TB should bump off the lovely Cherie. O.J Simpson is being paid $3.5m for an autobiography in which he describes how he “hypothetically” might have murdered his ex-wife and her male friend. This could start something of a trend in the publishing world. Something for Blair or Prescott to think about as their political ends beckon. Lots of potential hypotheticals to mull over for that particular pair....suggestions?


Colin said...


What about "How I reformed the European Union",

or "How I hypothetically deceived British voters",

and even more hypothetically, "How George and I won the war in Iraq" ?

istanbultory said...


How about:

*"Cash for peerages" was a vast right-wing conspiracy -Honest,guv.
* "How the people of Iraq have failed to be worthy of me"

Colin said...

"The people of G.. have failed to be worthy of me"

That's also what the F├╝hrer said in 1945 before his departure.

C4' said...

How can you "hypothetically" murder anyone? You ethier did or didn't!