Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The end is nigh?

The Financial Times newspaper warned yesterday that the Cyprus problem could derail Turkey’s EU membership negotiations by the end of the year. That has long been my view. Turkey refuses to open its ports to Greek Cypriots before the isolation of Turkish Cyprus is removed, the article observed, adding that “if it does not do so, opponents of Turkish EU membership such as France and Austria (and, of course, Cyprus) could insist that the negotiations be ended - the "train crash" scenario - or suspended, which would be the equivalent of driving the train into a siding.” According to diplomats, the Turkish government, which will hold a general election next year, is trapped between refusing to make further compromises on Cyprus and keeping its EU negotiations on track. The result is an impasse that looks almost impossible to overcome.


Serf said...

At least AKP lose their image as EU supporters. It could damage their credibility quite a lot.

istanbultory said...

Exactly. The AKP's grassroots and many of their bedrock supporters are real Europhobes in cultural and civilisational terms.

maxnewser said...

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